Everything You Need To Know About Cable Assemblies

Make A Better Cable Assembly.

Everything you need to know about cable assemblies, from design to production.


Cable Assembly eBook

Ensuring that the wiring used in your product is of a high quality can seem nearly impossible. You can’t determine if this product is fully functional or of a high caliber by looking at it. Because of this, the only real way to know if it can stand up to rigorous work conditions is to test it using prototypes. At Meridian Cable, we understand this and produce functional prototypes for quality assurance. For more information on the rigorous testing that our prototypes undergo, take a look at our eBook. 


Cable Assembly eBook

Theoretical designs and blueprints are great, but when producing a product on a large scale, you want practical designs that can be manufactured quickly. To guide you through the design phase, we've included a list of our best practices for cable assemblies design in our eBook. This information includes:  

• How to choose a designer who is experienced in your field 

• Understanding the aspects of Design for Manufacturing 

• The benefits of working with a company that can both design and manufacture your product 

• The benefits of prototyping your product throughout the design phase 

Effectively Protect Your Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly eBook

Because cable assemblies are highly complex and specialized, they require a specific level of care and maintenance. In our eBook, we’ll teach you about the proper procedures and protocols that your cable harness manufacturer should be using to protect your investment. These tips include:

 • Creating a product that is easy to handle 

 • Crafting a product that doesn’t have fragile components 

 • Ensuring that your product is intuitive to install 

Benefits of Custom Manufacturing

Cable Assembly eBook

Personalized Attention

We extrude our cable to the most exacting requirements to meet your quality standards. Our extensive design capabilities give you the option of designing your products from the ground up.

Meeting Your Performance Needs

We utilize a wide range of materials including basic polymers, engineered plastics, PVC, and PTFE so that you can costumize your product based on its needs and use.

Fully Customizable

Cable assemblies are fully customizable. These customizable features include: conductor sizes ranging from 34 gauge to 12 gauge, a wide array of conductor colors, and stranding sizes ranging from 0.002” to 0.023”.

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Everything You Need To Know About Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies eBook

You'll Learn: 

  • How To Design For Manufacturing
  • Best Practices For Prototyping
  • Hpful Tips When Choosing A Manufacturer
  • What to Remember During Production

What To Look For When Looking for Manufacturer

Meridian Cable ISO Certified

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

The ISO 9000 series addresses various aspects of quality management and is a testament to our ongoing commitment to safety, reliability and quality.

Meridian Cable UL Certified

Producing UL Certified Products

A UL listing means that UL has tested and determined that the product meets their rigourous requirements based on published and nationally recognized standards.

Meridian Cable Made In America

American Owned and Operated

Meridian Cable designs and manufactures cable assemblies in St. Augustine, Florida and has a high-volume manufacturing plant in Tanggu, China.