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Meridian Cable Design For Manufacturing

Cable Assembly And Wire Hire Harness Design For Manufacturing Guide

Design for manufacturing (DFM) is a critical concept that all manufacturers, ranging from wire harness manufacturers to cable assembly manufacturers, must master in order to achieve commercial success. DFM relates to designing a part of a product, a specific service, or even a particular manufacturing process with ease of manufacturability in mind—in short, DFM allows a product to be manufactured quickly without any loss in quality. DFM, or in this case design for cable assembly manufacturing, can help to ensure product quality, reduced manufacturing and delivery times, and an overall reduction in costs associated with manufacturing certain products. Manufacturers interested in exploring design for cable assembly manufacturing should make sure to keep the following points in mind.

Exploring The Benefits Of Custom Cable Manufacturing

Exploring The Benefits Of Custom Cable Manufacturing

Meridian Cable has been designing and manufacturing cable assemblies across many industries for over 25 years. We have proven our expertise in custom solutions; more than 70% of the products that we produce are products that we design. By choosing to customize your cable assemblies with Meridian Cable, you will be afforded the five following benefits.

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Cable Assembly vs. Wire Harness

Cable Assembly vs. Wire Harness: What’s The Difference?

Cable assemblies and wire harnesses are often confused for being the same thing. The confusion is understandable, since many professionals use the terms interchangeably and the products themselves have very similar basic functions. Yet these products are very different from each other, as is their purpose, which means definitions need to be made in order to help people get the products they need. This is a brief explanation of what a wire harness and cable assembly are, respectively, and how each product is used out in the world.

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