The Professional's Guide to Coil Cords

Need Coil Cord Design or Manufacturing Help?

We specialize in custom coil cord design for use in industrial, medical, military, telecommunication & consumer industries. 

Complete Custom Coil Cord Design

We are a cable design firm that makes custom coil cords. Our team consists of engineers with years of experience designing cable assemblies for medical, industrial controls, electronic and military applications, to name a few. We have designed more than 70% of the coil cords we produce. Whether you're just getting started and need help to put a spec sheet together or you have an existing design concept that could benefit from our industry knowledge, our design engineers are here to help!

We have designed and tested coil cords that repeatitive 180- degree bend cycling testing and coil cords that achieve 500,000 extension/retraction cycles without failure.

Coil Cord Design

Custom Options For Your Coil Design

Available in a seemingly endless array of material combinations, in countless color specifications, and a variety of finishes, custom coil cord options can be overwhelming. Navigating the landscape can be tricky, and some advantages are not always obvious. Like including a UV inhibitor to the jacketing material can extend the life of your coiled cord, great for use in outdoor applications.  

Custom Cable Options

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The Professionals Guide To Coil Cords

Helpful tips when choosing a manufacturer & How to go from prototype to design.

Coil Cord eBook

Helping Clients in Every Industry with Coil Cords

We have a broad range of design experience and can custom create your coil cord using the materials needed for your particular application. We work with customers that request a lot of mechanical strength from their coil cords, and some clients need their coil cords to be virtually indestructible.

Our Coil Cords Available In:

  • Steel
  • Kevlar®
  • Spectra®
  • Teflon®

Why Choose a Custom Manufacturer? 

Customizing Even the Smallest Details

As a custom cable manufacturer, we have the ability to extrude our own wiring to provide our clients with a product that matches their exact needs and specifications, not merely a product that is passable.  

Years of Experience 

At Meridian Cable, we have over 25 years of experience in a variety of industries including telecommunications, the medical industry, military applications, and more. Learn the difference that working with an experienced manufacturer can make and how it can benefit your product.


No project is too big or small for our team and we specialize in product prototypes and startup designs. We’re able to extrude conductor material at a smaller scale than other manufacturers to facilitate prototype production and reduce costs during the design process. After the design phase, we can produce materials on a large scale utilizing our high-volume manufacturing plant in Tanggu, China.

Is Your Manufacturer Certified?

Meridian Cable is ISO Certified, Creates UL Standard Products, and is American Owned and Operated.

Meridian Cable ISO Certified

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

The ISO 9000 series is an important factor to ensure product quality and safety assurance. 

Meridian Cable UL Certified

Manufacturing UL Certified Products

A UL certified product has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its quality and safety. 

Meridian Cable Made In America

American Owned 

Meridian Cable designs and produces cable assemblies in St. Augustine, Florida. We also have a manufacturing plant in Tanggu, China for high-volume projects.