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Complete Custom Coil Cord Design

We are a cable design firm that makes custom coil cords. Our team consists of engineers with years of experience designing cable assemblies for medical, industrial controls, electronic and military applications, to name a few. We have designed more than 70% of the coil cords we produce. Whether you're just getting started and need help to put a spec sheet together or you have an existing design concept that could benefit from our industry knowledge, our design engineers are here to help!

Custom Options For Your Coil Design

Available in a seemingly endless array of material combinations, in countless color specifications, and a variety of finishes, custom coil cord options can be overwhelming. Navigating the landscape can be tricky, and some advantages are not always obvious. Like including a UV inhibitor to the jacketing material can extend the life of your coiled cord, great for use in outdoor applications.  

You Have the Great Idea

We Just Help Make It A Reality

Why You Should Let Us Help With Your Coil Design.

We have a broad range of design experience and can custom create your coil cord using the materials needed for your particular application. We work with customers that request a lot of mechanical strength from their coil cords, and some clients need their coil cords to be virtually indestructible. In these instances, we designed specific permutations of steel, Kevlar®, Spectra® or Teflon® for added strength.

custom coild cord design
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custom coild cord design