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Fully Custom Cable Assemblies

Our engineering team designs for quality first, cost second and delivery efficiency third.

While building a wide variety of custom cable assemblies, we can also accommodate custom serial, null modem, audio, video, RF, ribbon, telephone, and telecom to name a few...

All with specific functions and design specifications, including customizable cable assembly features. 

Customizable Features

  • Conductor Sizes
  • Conductor Colors
  • Stranding Sizes
  • Conductor Insulation
  • Fillers
  • Wraps and Shields
  • Jacket Materials
  • Cable Types
  • UL Certified Wire and Cable

Cable Types

There are many standard cable types. The cable standards help designers choose a cable with known specifications instead of creating one from scratch. These standards can also be used as building blocks for more complicated designs.

These can be made in many different gauge configurations.

  • TPT
  • SP-1
  • SPT-1
  • SP-2
  • SPT-2
  • SP-3
  • SPT-3
  • TS
  • TST
  • SV
  • SVE
  • SVEO
  • SVO
  • SVT
  • SVTO
  • SJ
  • SJE
  • SJEO
  • SJO
  • SJT
  • SJTO
  • SE
  • SEO
  • SO
  • SOOW
  • ST
  • STO
  • HPN
  • HSJ
  • HSJO
  • HS HSO

About Meridian

Our Engineering and Operations team has over 30 years of custom cable assembly manufacturing experience while our design expertise with custom cable assembly has allowed us to manufacture cable assemblies for clients in every industry, be it communications, consumer goods, networking, or telecommunications. The ability to customize cable assemblies based on customer needs has allowed us to perfect small-batch manufacturing while also meeting volume demands for some of the world's biggest clients.

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A cable assembly is only as good as its parts, and this starts with the cable itself. At Meridian Cable, we extrude our conductors and our cable to the most exacting specifications. We offer custom cable assembly design expertise and have manufactured cable assemblies to fit a vast spectrum of flexural requirements. These abilities allow Meridian Cable to create the custom cable assembly solutions needed in a wide range of industries.

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Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom Cable Assemblies