The Buyer’s Guide to OEM and Cable Harness Engineering Solutions

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and Original Parts Distributors (OPD) depend on quality parts that are up to exact specifications. With many different cable harness engineering solutions, the team at Meridian helps OEMs source the very best components to use in their cabling systems.  Today’s Livewire News spotlight is focused on how Meridian meets the needs… Continue Reading

Analyzing the Costs to Hire a Wire Harness Engineer

Wire harness engineers may seem like an expensive aspect of a wire harness fabrication project and you may be thinking, is an engineer really necessary for my wire harness build out? However, these professionals have the training, experience, and often the advanced certification required to be able to produce a wiring harness that ensures absolute… Continue Reading

Looking for a Wire Harness Engineer? Top Things to Think About

Being a wiring harness engineer may not seem all that glamorous until you start to think about the truly groundbreaking modern electronics that these professionals help power. Cutting-edge medical equipment, state-of-the-art military hardware, telecommunications satellites, and more all rely on some truly gifted engineering in order to fit within the parameters of their environments.  Meridian’s… Continue Reading

What to Look for When Comparing Wire and Cable Harness Manufacturers

When you start looking for the perfect solution to your unique cable and wire harness needs, it can be a bit daunting trying to decide between different manufacturers. Just looking over websites might only give you a partial picture as to the capabilities of one firm over another. So what do you use to compare… Continue Reading

The Cable Guru’s Guide to Flat and Ribbon Cable Assemblies

If you’ve ever popped open your PC, you’ve no doubt seen a host of flat or ribbon cable assemblies connecting your computer’s various components. This uniquely-suited cable assembly provides a host of possible applications, especially where space constraints are a factor.  In today’s spotlight series, we’re covering everything you need to know about this humble… Continue Reading