Because of their flexibility, custom cable assembly manufacturers work with a wide range of industries.

The ability to create products that are truly custom makes cable assembly manufacturers valuable to many different types of organizations, from military to industrial. The main goal of any custom cable project is the accurate and reliable transmission of data and/or energy. In almost every industry, the push to improve the speed and minimize the size of equipment is often a primary goal. Because of this, the cables supplying data and power to these machines must be rethought and reengineered over and over again. That makes a custom cable assembly manufacturer one of the most valuable members of your team.

But you may be wondering if custom cables are right for your industry. The answer is most likely yes, but here are a few of the industries we work with most often.

telecom cable from a cable assembly manufacturer

Telecommunications Industry

This might seem like the most obvious industry on the list. From fiber optic to ethernet cables, telecommunications companies rely heavily on both standard and custom cables to keep their customers connected. This industry is known for constantly working to improve data transmission speeds while maintaining or improving the convenience of their products. Working with a cable assembly manufacturer on prototyping new cables can help these companies stay on the cutting edge.

medical-cable from a . cable assembly manufacturer

The Medical Industry and Cable Assembly Manufacturers

The medical industry might not be the first that comes to mind when you think about custom cable assemblies. The truth is, the equipment in healthcare facilities has specialized needs that can often only be met by a custom cable solution. Hospitals and other care facilities frequently require equipment that can be sterilized between patients. This can mean the devices, as well as their cables, must be able to withstand extreme temperatures and moisture, two of the most common elements that can interfere with the functionality of cables.

military-cable from a cable assembly manufacturer

Military Applications for Custom Cables

Cables used in military settings must function as expected for as long as expected. In many cases, lives depend on it. To make things even more complicated, military equipment is often expected to function in a wide range of environmental conditions, from extremes in temperature to heavy vibration. Standard, off-the-shelf cables are often unable to meet all of the specifications. However, a cable assembly manufacturer can take all of the requirements into consideration during the design phase so each cable is tailored to the exact needs of the equipment.


A good cable assembly manufacturer can take the specialized needs of an industry into account to ensure the best possible outcome. While telecommunications, medical, and military aren’t the only industries that benefit from custom cable solutions, they are among the most common. The team at Meridian Cable has the knowledge and experience to work on a wide range of custom cable projects. Contact us when you are ready to get started on your next custom cable assembly. We look forward to talking with you.

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