3 Reasons to Use Custom Coil Cords

Red coiled cord

Custom coil cords aren’t just for landline telephones anymore. Custom coil cords are everywhere. They are used in many applications, from headsets and instrument cords in music studios to car chargers for your cell phone. Because of their incredible versatility, they also have many uses across a wide range of industries, including Telecommunications, Medical, and…

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3 Reasons to Work with Cable Assemblies Manufacturers on Prototyping

cable assemblies manufacturers prototyping

Partnering with cable assemblies manufacturers to prototype can help you ensure a more successful solution. Working with cable assemblies manufacturers on prototypes is a great way to keep your production process running smoothly and end up with a cable assembly that performs the way you expect. While there are situations where an off-the-shelf cable can…

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3 Industries Served by Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers

cable assembly manufacturer products

Because of their flexibility, custom cable assembly manufacturers work with a wide range of industries. The ability to create products that are truly custom makes cable assembly manufacturers valuable to many different types of organizations, from military to industrial. The main goal of any custom cable project is the accurate and reliable transmission of data…

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Ask a Cable Assemblies Manufacturer: Choosing Components

cable assemblies

Each component selected by a cable assemblies manufacturer affects the final performance of your finished product. When designing or maintaining a piece of equipment, a lot can depend on the decisions made by your cable assemblies manufacturer. Selecting the wrong gauge for the wire or a jacketing material that’s inappropriate for the environment can, at…

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Conductor Gauges for Custom Design Cables

custom design cables

The right gauge conductors are key to making your custom design cables as effective as possible. It’s no secret that creating custom design cables is the best way to ensure your product or equipment meets all of your specifications. Because the conductor gauge directly affects the flow of electricity or signal through the final product,…

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5 Benefits of Custom Cable Assemblies

custom cable assemblies

Custom cable assemblies offer many benefits over off-the-shelf products…including cost. It’s possible there’s a standard cable that matches the needs of your equipment perfectly. However, it’s much more likely that you will have to make do with something that is almost right, which can lead to technical issues that can cause bigger problems down the…

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The Quality Control Process of a Cable Assembly Manufacturer

cable assembly manufacturer quality control

A reputable cable assembly manufacturer ensures reliable products with a solid quality control process. The quality and reliability of the wires and cables a cable assembly manufacturer produces is often of paramount importance. This is especially true of cables and wires designed for military or medical applications, where the safety and longevity of the product…

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Wire Harness 101 with a Wire & Cable Manufacturer


Wire harnesses can be tricky without the help of an experienced wire and cable manufacturer. At its most basic, a wire harness is an effective way to organize wires or cables by grouping or bundling them together in order to transmit signal or electrical power. They can be used in almost any application that requires…

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Ask a Cable Assemblies Manufacturer: Solid vs. Stranded Cable


Choosing between solid and stranded conductors is one of the first decisions made in a custom cable design. There are two main choices a cable assemblies manufacturer has for the conductor when designing a custom cable: solid and stranded. The most basic difference is obvious when you peel back the jacketing and look at the…

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Talking Materials with a Coil Cord Manufacturer

coil cord design

The right materials can make or break the function of a custom coil cord. A coil cord manufacturer does more to create a custom coil cord than just curl a straight cord into a spiral. Because they are meant to extend and retract, materials must be somewhat flexible in addition to the technical requirements dictated…

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