If you’ve got a connection project going on, designing a custom cable assembly with the Meridian experts can be your best option. Instead of purchasing an off-the-shelf solution that may or may not include everything you need, Meridian’s design engineers can craft a one-of-a-kind solution that is guaranteed for your system. 


No matter your industry, our team can create the ideal connection solution for your equipment. We’ve been creating top-of-the-line cables and cable assemblies since 1994, so you can rely on us to take care of everything. Here are the top benefits of a custom cable assembly for your project. 

  • Customized Engineering

Each electrical project encompasses a unique set of circumstances, challenges, and environmental concerns. A custom cable assembly gives you the opportunity to overcome each of these challenges with precision engineering and insightful design. When the cable assembly is specifically designed to overcome the challenges of your project, it ensures each cable is thoughtfully designed, crafted, and aligned to the most exacting detail. Every cable link, voltage, shielding component, connector, and terminal is intentionally created to serve its specific purpose.


Our experts pour over every detail to provide a connection solution with precision engineering, excellent craftsmanship, and intentional design. The true test of a product is in the fine details, and our team excels at paying attention to the little things. Every minute detail matters when creating quality cable assemblies, so we give each element the thought and attention it deserves. 

  • Optimized Performance

When it comes to electrical cables, one size does not fit all. Customizing a cable assembly through Meridian’s design team optimizes your performance and ensures total functionality. The careful craftsmanship that goes into each cable and connector comes together to create a robust, high-performing cable assembly that works with your system. We intentionally designed each element for optimal transmission, signaling, durability, and reliability. 


Instead of an off-the-shelf solution, your custom cable assembly from Meridian is tailored to your project’s specific needs. Every detail is considered, every “T” is crossed, and every “I” is dotted. We optimize your design by considering your project’s challenges, like environment, temperature, electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference, etc. 

  • Seamless Integration

One of the most challenging aspects of electrical cables is the installation process. Finding which connection goes where, attempting to integrate a cable assembly quickly, and getting frustrated over cable length issues can all be a part of the generic cable integration process. However, when you design a custom cable assembly for your specific project, all these frustrations can disappear. 


Seamless integration is vital to the success of any electrical project. A custom-designed cable assembly can significantly improve the integration process through intentional design and convenient layouts. A custom cable assembly from Meridian considers the architecture, spatial limitations, necessary cable lengths, terminals, voltage, etc. 


Creating a custom cable assembly makes your integration process smoother, simplified, and much more expedient than attempting an off-shelf solution. Plus, when your installation goes so smoothly, you save yourself countless hours and headaches from frustrating misconnections or shortcomings. 

  • Flexibility and Scalability

Oftentimes, electrical projects include unforeseen circumstances, additional challenges, hard left turns, and rapid transitions. Whether it’s an emergency situation or a quick production run, adjusting your project at a moment’s notice is a reasonable expectation with any electrical work. Custom cable assemblies offer the flexibility to adapt to your project’s challenges while allowing for new circumstances to mold your direction. 


Furthermore, custom cable assemblies allow for scalability in the future. By designing a custom cable assembly through the Meridian team, we can provide the wiggle room you need for future connections, additional cables, or new cable assemblies for future system upgrades. Our ingenious engineering designers have the experience and know-how to pivot at a moment’s notice and adapt to your specific needs. That’s one of the greatest benefits of working with expert cable manufacturers like ourselves. 

  • Budget Effectiveness

Be honest; how often have you started a project, and it expands far beyond your original budget or cost estimates? This happens more frequently in electrical work than most would like to admit. However, with a custom cable assembly from Meridian, there’s no need to worry about over-stretching your budget. Our design team can provide accurate quotes with complete transparency, so you’ll always know what you’re getting and what you’ll pay for it. 


Although custom cable assemblies represent a significant investment for many companies, they can be a considerable money-saver compared to off-the-shelf solutions. Bespoke design, intentional fabrication, and specialized engineering prevent speed bumps from the equation. With reduced waste, ensured durability, and quality assurance, a custom cable assembly may save your company thousands compared to an inferior product.

  • Thoughtful Design

We removed the question marks from your electrical project. By carefully considering every angle of your workspace, project needs, connection solutions, and cable orientations, we help create a one-of-a-kind solution that is optimized for your unique circumstances. Our team of design engineers is among the elite in their class. With multiple decades of experience, we have developed prodigious skills in creating thoughtful designs that thoroughly consider every detail of your design. 


A custom cable assembly doesn’t just come together; it takes precision, dedication to quality, and unwavering manufacturing integrity. We pool our electric experience and impeccable reputation together to intentionally craft the ideal connection solution for your industry, work environment, transference needs, and protection requirements. As we build each custom design, we meticulously comb through each detail to ensure every element is optimized for performance, durability, longevity, and reliability. You can count on the thoughtful design of a cable assembly from our experienced team. 

  • Extensive Testing and Quality Assurance

When purchasing an off-the-shelf connection solution, quality assurance is missing. In many cases, prefabricated cable assemblies are more of a gamble than a sure thing. On the other hand, a Meridian custom cable assembly comes backed by commercial warranties, extensive prototyping by design engineers, and a rigorous trip through our state-of-the-art testing facility. 


Our custom cable assemblies undergo a litany of functionality exams, durability challenges, and performance tests to ensure they are held to the highest standards. We take our production quality very seriously, and if a cable assembly is not up to snuff, we go back to the drawing board. With multiple UL certifications and Industry standards to uphold, we can deliver our custom cable assemblies with confidence and pride in our work. 

  • Assured Compatibility

A tailored solution means your cable assembly is equipped with assured compatibility with your equipment and system. Instead of hoping an off-the-shelf solution will meet your connection requirements, your custom cable assembly is designed specifically for your needs. The actual value of a custom Meridian cable assembly is that it takes the guesswork out of upgrading your system, initializing your equipment, or integrating new technology. 


Although unforeseen circumstances may occur, you can rest assured that your cable assembly will be perfectly compatible with your equipment, work environment, connection needs, and most exacting requirements. We save you the headache of worrying whether or not your cables will do the job. With a custom-designed cable assembly from our team, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to integrating your cable assembly. 

  • Simplified Reordering Process

Another benefit of ordering a custom cable assembly through Meridian Cable is the ease of reordering when you need it. We build a digital blueprint of your project with every custom cable assembly we create. When it comes time to replace a cable assembly or scale your business, our design team has your previous orders on file, making it simple and fast to recreate a replacement assembly for you.


Naturally, when you can skip the design process on a reorder, your new cable assemblies will arrive even faster. Our quick turnaround times are legendary in the cable industry. From the moment you complete your order, we will work on producing your one-of-a-kind cable solution. From project inception to shipping, your custom cable assemblies will be on their way before you know it. 

  • Full-Scale Production

Whether you need a single cable assembly or volume cable production, our team is equipped to handle full-scale production. We employ the latest technology for automated and semi-automated production capabilities, with ultra-precision equipment and top-of-their-field craftsmen to carefully engineer your cable assembly. 


Our premier production facilities house fantastic manufacturers, custom extrusion equipment, 3D printing facilities, the engineering department, and our state-of-the-art Advanced Life Testing Lab. We are proud to be one of the leading cable manufacturers in the world, with an outstanding reputation, a rich history of quality, and an impeccable team. With these resources at our fingertips, we are ready to handle any cable assembly project you can throw our way. 

Get Going On a Project Today

If you have a cable assembly project of your own and need to know where to get started, our team is here to help. Our friendly staff will guide you through the entire process, from order to assembly. We offer high-performing cable assemblies carefully crafted by some of the best in the business. 

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