How will working with experienced cable assemblies manufacturers benefit your product?

At Meridian Cable, our team's custom cable assemblies can provide additional functionality, safety features, and quality to your product. 

Meridian Cable ISO Certified

As one of the leading custom cable assemblies manufacturers, we understand that your product's safety is paramount. 

We are both ISO and UL certified, meaning that we have the capabilities and know-how to manufacture custom cable assemblies that meet our customers' quality and safety standards.

Meridian Cable UL Certified

Cable Manufacturing to Meet Your Needs

With over 20 years of design and production experience, we have the cable manufacturing and cabling assembly tooling required to produce even the most complex cable assemblies.

Meridian Cable Made In America

Producing Quality Cabling Assemblies

Many manufacturers' cables simply are not designed to withstand rigorous use. At Meridian, we utilize prototypes and advanced life testing labs to produce durable wires, cabling, cord cable, coiled assemblies, and custom assemblies.  

Our customers' coiled cord is always made to the highest standards.

Let us bring your products to life.  

Cable Assembly Designer
Cable Assembly Design Experts

Our Design Services

Our team of experienced engineers are capable of designing complex custom coil to meet even the most exacting standards. 

Custom Cable Assembly

Let us put our years of experience as a leading assemblies, wire and cable manufacturer to work for you.  

Tips for choosing a manufacturer for your cable assemblies.

Our expert advice for choosing and working with cable assemblies manufacturers.  

How can a custom cable assembly increase the lifespan of your product?

Your product is unique and requires custom solutions to ensure that it runs as efficiently as possible, these tips will help to assure that you know.

Save money and resources with an advanced cable assembly.

Choosing a quality wire harness can make maintenance easier and cut your electrical costs. 

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