Building Custom Electric Cable Assemblies From the Ground Up

We do things differently than other manufacturers in that we craft custom electric cable assemblies from the conductor out. The vast majority of products we produce are from components we create in-house. This gives us customization and manufacturing options beyond most in the industry.

Every cable assembly we design has the necessary steps and selections to be made. Depending on your equipment, you may need different aspects in your cable assembly power electrical system. For example, you may need a low-voltage assembly for your office space or server room or a high-voltage cable assembly for your construction company. Sometimes, an electrical cable assembly may require a mix of both.

What is an Electrical Cable Assembly?
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Custom Electrical Cable Assemblies Manufacturer in the USA

The engineering design team at Meridian is comprised of the best and brightest in the industry. When you build your custom power cable assembly with us, you'll work directly with our brilliant team to design a unique power solution. We emphasize the design process and meticulously pour over every detail of each electric cable assembly to ensure design functionality and efficacy. 

As we help design your project, we will create a digital rendering to run your project through our digital testing lab. This helps us catch any potential hang-ups before we build the physical product. The digital version of your project is the first of many rigorous tests a project undergoes before getting to your hands. We then put every cable we design through our state-of-the-art Advanced Life Testing lab to adhere to industrial standards and assure quality. 

The process of building electrical cable assemblies involves several steps. In addition to selecting your materials and working with our design team, your power cable assembly undergoes a myriad of processes and manufacturing steps before it gets into your hands. Of course, each project is unique and can take some time to develop. However, once the design phase is finished, most can expect their finished product within a few weeks.

Custom High-Voltage Electrical Cable Assemblies


Custom High-Voltage Electrical Cable Assemblies

High voltage power cable assembly process 120V or greater and consists of multiple conductors. These cables are typically found in industrial situations, corporate buildings, underground, or run overhead for wire machinery. High-voltage cables are often used to power heavy machinery, appliances, or equipment that requires more power than small electric devices. 

Because the applications for high-voltage cables can vary, the cable must be flexible and durable. In many cases, a high-voltage power cable assembly must be portable and adaptable to multiple environments. The multiple conductors and flexible design helps supply power to machinery that requires movement or portability.

Depending on the intended use, the structure of a high-voltage electric cable assembly can vary greatly. Generally, a high-voltage cable will contain two or more conductors surrounded by insulation, shielding, and a jacket. This standard structure allows the cable to be used in rugged environments like the outdoors, construction zones, industrial complexes, etc.

Custom Low-Voltage DC Power


Custom Low-Voltage DC Power

Low voltage cables are designed to transmit 50V of electricity or less. These cables fundamentally differ from traditional power cables because of their specific capacity and use. Low voltage cables are easy to install, reliable, and safer options than other types of power cables. Also known as structured cables, low-voltage DC power cables operate with constant DC output voltage, which supplies constant polarity and amplitude.

Low-voltage power cables can be found in a wide range of applications in both industrial and home use. You might discover low-voltage power cables in the following applications:

  • Small electronic devices
  • Home thermostats
  • PCs and laptops 
  • Television sets 
  • Audio systems 
  • Security and alarm systems 
  • Landscape lighting 
  • Landlines 
  • Chargers 

Those are just some ways low-voltage DC power cables are used daily. One of the most common uses for low-voltage electric cable assemblies is USB connections between computers and server systems. 

When USB cables became popular in the '90s, they revolutionized how computers connected. USB cables are now one of the most common connecting cables worldwide. As this robust electrical cable replaces many of its predecessors, it has become a powerful, straightforward, low-voltage power cable. 

We can offer to create custom cable assembly electrical power systems that work for any office space, equipment, or environment. When you work with our team on your custom project, it will create the ideal connection solution for you. 

Custom Electric Cable Assembly Applications

Power cable assemblies can be found in any industry, organization, or application. Any environment requiring multiple power sources, connections, or charging stations can benefit from an electric cable assembly. Naturally, the list could go on and on of where a custom cable assembly power electrical system would be needed. However, here are a few common examples of electric cable assembly applications: 

  • Aerospace: Aerospace engineering equipment often requires dense collections of electrical and communication cables. Aerospace equipment is typically concrete and requires customized power solutions. 
  • Telecommunications: Telecommunications often require multiple connection points and numerous power supplies. The equipment used for telecommunications is typically in an electronically noisy area, so the cables require shielding and durability. 
  • Medical systems: In the medical field, multiple devices may be used, requiring power sources. These systems can often require a combination of low-voltage and high-voltage cords. 
  • Information technology: In information technology systems, low- and high-voltage cables are required due to the various computer and communications equipment. Information technology systems require high capacity and high-speed connections to operate successfully. 
  • Industrial manufacturers: From industrial switchboards to production lines, manufacturers use electric cable assemblies to power their equipment, computers, and devices. These assemblies often require extreme durability, longevity, and high-capacity functionality. 
  • Construction: Construction sites require a massive amount of power to operate successfully. Electric power cable assemblies help supply power to various equipment used on a construction job site. These custom cable assemblies must be durable, portable, and reliable as they often move from place to location.

Our team can build a custom electric cable assembly for your job regardless of your work environment, industry, or application. We will create a one-of-a-kind solution to fit your needs and supply your equipment with power.

Electric Cable Assembly Customizations

Custom Conductor: The Heart of the Cable

The most crucial aspect of any power cable is the conductor. You'll be able to choose your custom conductor size and color to optimize your performance for your equipment. Selecting a custom color will help keep your cables organized when plugging in. 

Select the Stranding Size

If your cable assembly requires high voltage, you'll likely have multiple conductors within a single cable. We select your stranding size to fit your power needs. 

Choose Your Insulation and Filler

If you're creating a structured cable, you can choose your insulation and filler to supply your cable with the protection it needs. 

Add Custom Jackets

The jacket or the cable wraps everything together. Organization is essential for maintaining a decluttered and efficient workspace in electric cable assemblies. Choosing a custom color jacket can help avoid errors and streamline reconnections. Additionally, selecting a custom jacket material helps provide a final layer of protection for your assembly. 

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