Building custom Molex cable assemblies requires attention to detail and a commitment to quality. At Meridian Cable, we design and manufacture Molex cable assemblies to the most precise detail. Our design team works directly with you to create the ideal cable solution for your project. As a leading cable manufacturer in the world, we have the experience and skills to make any Molex cable assembly for any need. 

We’ve been in business for over 25 years and have become trusted experts in our field. We create tailor-made cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and more. We provide engineered solutions for industries around the world and our team can create a custom Molex cable assembly just for your application.

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Molex Cable Assemblies

Molex connectors have been around since the 1950s when the Molex Company designed and patented them. These handy connections are known for their distinct two-piece pin and socket. This design enables Molex cables to securely connect to their docking point. Their secure connection and two-pin design make them highly popular in computer systems and processing. 

When we create Molex cable assemblies, we combine the capable functionality of Molex cables with building a multi-connection assembly. These can be used to power multiple components in computers or server cabinets. Some of the other components that use a Molex cable include:

  • CD/DVD drives
  • Video cards
  • Some older hard drives
  • Motherboards
  • Fans

Some of the unique features that Molex cable assemblies offer is their superior durability and capacity. Though they are often used in smaller spaces within the computer cabinet, Molex cable assemblies have an impressive 12-volt ability. Their strength and durability make Molex cables ideal in tech-heavy environments. These capable cable assemblies have a lot to offer for any computer or tech gear.

Design Phase and Our Engineering Team

One of the perks of working with Meridian on your custom Molex cable assemblies is our incredible design team. With multiple decades of experience between them, our engineering team has developed custom cable solutions for countless projects. Our team works directly with your design and creates a viable Molex cable solution. As we work on the design portion of your order, we will build your tailor-made cable assembly to match your equipment perfectly. 

As we begin the design work, we’ll pay close attention to every detail of your equipment and connections. The small details in the design process are what sets our cable assemblies apart. We make sure to build precisely what you need. Our custom-engineered solutions are backed by our years of experience and proven track record. With our design team working on your Molex cable assembly, you rest assured it will be the ideal connection solution. 

Building Custom Molex Cable Assemblies 

When creating any cable assembly from Meridian, we make the process entirely customizable from the get-go. We have a close eye on every step of the process but keep you involved. We work with you to build the perfect Molex cable assembly for your gear. When you work with our engineers, you have many options to custom-build your cables. Don’t worry if it seems like there are a lot of options. Our team can help guide you through it. 

Custom Connections

One of the first design elements you can choose is your connection. With Molex connections, you have the ability to select as few as two or as many as 24 contact points. Depending on the connections within your electrical equipment, you will need a specific amount of contact points. By custom-building your Molex cable assembly, you guarantee that it will be exactly right for your set-up. 

Choose your Conductor

At Meridian, we have multiple options for your metal conductor. While most conductors are made from copper, that is not your only option. Depending on your equipment, you may want to add a metal alloy or a rare metal component. In some cases, rare metals, like gold or silver, can enhance the performance of your cable assembly. However, not all electrical components require rare metals to function correctly. 

Each design is unique and tailored to the specific tech specifications of your equipment. During the design process, our team can help you determine if choosing an alloyed conductor will be necessary for your project. 

Custom Conductor Size

As with any cable, the conductor size will determine the transfer capacity of the line. Depending on your tech gear, you may need a Molex cable with a higher or lower threshold. It is imperative to have the appropriate conductor size for your equipment. While the correct size will let your tech transfer data and power properly, the incorrect conductor size could damage your tech. 

The conductor size for your custom Molex cable assembly can be chosen from a range of diameters. We can create ultra-small conductors from 34 gauge to larger 12 gauge. Your equipment will determine the optimal size for safe performance. 

We custom extrude our conductors to create the ideal size for your custom Molex cable assembly. During the design portion, we’ll help ensure we have the proper conductor size to work with your equipment. Our extrusion process allows us to make ultra-precise conductor sizes. We take the raw metal and extrude it to the exact millimeter for optimal performance for your gear. 

Custom Conductor Colors

There are multiple conductors and connections in most of Meridian's custom assemblies. Knowing which conductor goes with each connection is a nearly foolproof way to ensure they are connected correctly. That’s why we offer over 25 color combinations for conductors. You have the option to choose your base color, add stripes or dashes, and customize it exactly how you want. 

Color-coding the conductors is not just for easy connections but also helps to prevent mishaps. Because the equipment may be sensitive, it is essential to match the conductor with the appropriate connection. Organization is vital in any industry, especially in telecommunications, the military, or the medical field

Stranding Size

Stranding can help with the flow of electrical current in your cables. Stranding the conductors can help disperse the electricity for a more consistent flow. Stranding also increases the flexibility of the cable assembly, which can come in clutch for smaller spaces. Adding a custom stranding size for your Molex cable assembly may be suitable for your project. 

We offer several options for stranding size and material. You can select for your stranding to be copper, tinned stranding, tinned conductor, or lined with a rare metal. Depending on your specific equipment, choosing a different material can help maximize the Molex cable assembly’s performance. 

Stranding is not always used in Molex cables, but it is needed in certain pieces of electrical equipment. While designing your custom Molex cable assembly, you can add a custom stranding size. Of course, your electronic components will determine the optimal stranding size to work with your equipment. 

Choose your Insulation 

Much like stranding, not all Molex cable assemblies will need insulation. It will depend on the cable assembly’s environment and the specific equipment. However, if your equipment does need insulation, we have options for you. 


The insulation in any cable assembly protects the conductor and contains electricity. Insulation can be thought of as the skin around the conductor. The dual purpose of insulation is to protect the cable from outside elements and internal problems. If your Molex cable assembly needs insulation, it can be a layer of insurance for the conductor. 

The insulation can be made from many materials depending on the purpose of the cable assembly. We have several options to choose from so you get the proper insulation for the job. You can select from any of the following options:

  • PVC
  • PE
  • Natural rubber
  • Teflon
  • PP

Choose your Custom Filler

The filler gives the cable a uniform shape and helps to prevent damage to the conductor. The filler on a Molex cable is one of the final steps in the design process and is placed around the conductor and insulation. While most fillers will serve the same purpose, you have several options to fit your Molex cable assembly best. You can choose from the following filler materials:

  • PVC
  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Kevlar
  • Fleece

Final Step: The Jacket

The final step in the design process is to add the jacket, which surrounds the inner components. The jacket on a Molex cable assembly is the outermost layer of protection for the cable. Like every other step in the process, you have options for the jacket's materials, colors, and functionality. Once you have chosen this last element, your order can proceed to the prototyping and testing phase.

Prototyping and Testing for Molex Cable Assemblies

We create a small-scale prototype of your order to ensure its proper function and quality. During this stage, we can adjust your order just right. We tested every cable assembly for quality, performance, and endurance. By the time your order is complete, your Molex cable assembly has been thoroughly vetted.

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