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Cable Assemblies for Industrial Controls

Need power and signal conductors in the same cable? Meridian can do it and more for your industrial control needs. We have tooling to create strain reliefs, cable stops and overmolded connectors to ensure hermetic sealing. Whatever your needs, we’ll help you design a cable assembly for them.

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Cable Assemblies for Medical Industry

Working with Teflon and Silicone, Meridian makes custom cable assemblies for medical devices. And whether you need ‘safety jacks,’ bio-sensitive connectors or cable breakouts for your medical applications, we have the experience, the tooling and a full complement of process capabilities to create the cable assemblies you need.

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Cable Assemblies for Telecommunications

Despite the increasing consumer demands for wireless technology, the telecommunications industry is still very “wired” and Meridian has the design experience and tooling to create the cable assemblies and connectors you need. Whether you need overmolds for USBs or a cable assembly with 10 conductors, a coaxial cable and a polyurethane jacket, our design team will ensure you get the cable assembly you need.

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Cable Assemblies for Military Applications

Harsh environments and heavy use are common for cable assemblies used in military applications. At Meridian Cable, we have specialized tooling to create strain reliefs for cables and can overmold connectors to withstand harsh conditions. Our engineers can customize cable assemblies to meet even your most challenging demands.

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Cable Assemblies for other industries

Because our product range is so versatile, Meridian Cable serves a wide range of industries from automotive and broadcasting to energy. Our expansive industry knowledge and design experience lets us adapt and customize products as needed to industry-specific requirements.

With more than 5,000 existing tools for connectors, junctions, overmolds and housings, chances are we already have tooled what you need. Just ask.

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Industrial Control Cable Assemblies

Powerful Control Solutions

In an industrial setting, powerful cable solutions are an integral part of a more extensive system. The data and commands that flow through the cables of manufacturing or production facility cables can be responsible for everything from operating machinery to safety systems. This makes the cable assemblies a pivotal component to the success of the entire facility. 

Meridian Cable builds custom cable assemblies to be effective components in an industrial setting. With strong, high-capacity cables, data, power, and control commands can transmit correctly every time. We can optimize our industrial cable assemblies to be strong, rugged, and dependable. 

Complete Customization in Cable Assemblies

With our over 5,000 tools, connections, conductors, and cable options, we can completely customize a cable assembly just for you. We will build your entire cable assembly from scratch just the way you need it. We build industrial cable solutions to the most exacting detail to be precisely what you need to operate your entire facility. 

Tested and Tried Industrial Cable Solutions

In order to keep the assembly line moving, you need cables that you can count on no matter what. Every cable solution we craft undergoes a thorough testing process before being put into production. We’ve tested and retested each cable to ensure it works as it should. By the time you receive a custom industrial cable solution from Meridian Cable, it has passed a litany of performance, safety, and durability tests. 

You can count on our cable assemblies to be top-of-the-line, reliable hardware. We’ve been in the cable industry for decades and have what it takes to make custom cable assemblies for all kinds of industries.

Custom Medical Industry Cable Assemblies

Ultra-Precise Construction

Every industry indeed relies on cable solutions to get the job done, but few fields need precise instruments like the medical arena. Because of the nature of medical equipment, cable solutions must be manufactured with the highest standards in mind. Think about medical instruments like a heart monitor, MRI machine, or breathing apparatus. These machines are responsible for saving and sustaining people’s lives. So, the cables they run on must be reliable and built with ultra-precision. 

Meridian Cable specializes in making cable solutions with the most-minute details in mind. We build our cables from the ground up, so we can optimize them for your equipment. 

 Custom Telecommunications Cable Assemblies

Connecting the World

The telecommunications industries around the world have made connections to faraway places a reality. Over the last century, telecommunications has become a booming industry that brings people together no matter how far the physical distance is. 

How do these connections happen? Through a massive collection of cables and airwaves. Our cable assemblies have been used all throughout the telecommunications industry to make long-distance connections possible. We create one-of-a-kind cable assemblies specifically for telecommunications. Our cables have been an integral part of bringing the world together through communication. 

Shielded Solutions for Noisy Environments

Telecommunications server rooms are heavy with electromagnetic interference (EMI) like other tech industries. The noisy environments of telecommunications hubs can damage or destroy data as it is transmitted through cables. That’s where shielded cable assemblies come in. These cables are specifically designed to block EMI and protect data, power, and signals as they travel through the cables. 

We create our shielded cable assemblies to repel and ground EMI for a two-fold defense against corrupted data. With several shielding options, we can create an optimized cable solution for any electronically noisy spaces. 

Custom Solutions for Unique Equipment

Like many other industries, telecommunications has special equipment made specifically for the industry. There is a wide variety of advanced equipment that make telecommunications possible. Each one of these impressive machines requires specific ports, cables, and connections. Meridian Cable specializes in creating unique and specialized cable assemblies to match highly particular equipment of the telecommunication industry. 

When we design a cable assembly, we work directly with our customers to engineer a solution tailor-made for their needs. Every cable solution we create from scratch is designed to work perfectly with your system and equipment. You can trust that your cable solution will be precisely what you need.


Custom Cable Assemblies for Other Industries


Like the other industries we serve, we create custom cable assemblies for tech businesses around the globe. Our cable assemblies can be found in everything from cell phone manufacturers to automobile service industries. We mean it when we say that our cables are in every advanced sector in the world. 

No matter what area of technology you are in, we can create a custom cable solution for your business. Our in-house engineers will work directly with you to design a cable assembly or wire harness to work with your equipment and your technological needs. 

Entertainment and Music

Sound design and the music industry are some of the biggest buyers for custom cable assemblies. Our team can design cables for everything from soundboards to amplifiers and instruments. We've created fantastic custom music and entertainment cable assemblies for artists and event spaces all over the place. 

Whether you are a musician, an event space, or a traveling circus, we can design a custom cable solution for your technological equipment. We've serviced thousands of industries and businesses around the planet, and we would love to create a cable solution for you. 

Think Meridian Cable for Custom Cable Assemblies

We could go on and on about the industries that we serve, but the truth is we can design a custom cable solution for any business or field. We offer top-of-the-line cable solutions that you can rely on day in and day out. Start your own cable project.

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Custom Cable Assemblies

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Meridian supplies a vast range of cable assemblies for telecommunications in today’s wired world.

custom cable assemblies

Other Industries

We have knowledge and design experience to customize products as needed for your requirements.

Wire Harnesses and Wire Assemblies

Industrial Control

Meridian Cable develops cable assemblies that meet the complex needs of industrial controls.

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Our engineers can customize cable assemblies to meet even the most challenging military applications.

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Meridian has the experience, the tooling and a full complement of process capabilities to create the cable assemblies you need.