Prototyping Custom Cable Assemblies

Meridian is made up of a brilliant team of cable engineers that design the perfect solutions to our increasingly complex technologies. We serve a broad range of industries including industrial control, medical, telecommunications, military, and others with cutting-edge custom cable assembly and wire harnesses. With Meridian-owned and operated production facilities in both the U.S. and in China, our team has insight into the entire design, testing, and production process on a truly global scale.

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Designing the Perfect Cable Assembly and Wire Harnesses

Designing cable assemblies that are tailored for their application all starts with that first client contact. We’ll talk over the quantity, type, application, and other parameters to begin designing a solution that solves the problem at hand.

We utilize sophisticated computer-aided design software that allows every aspect of a custom cable assembly or wire harness to come alive in a digital environment. We can test different configurations through multiple scenarios all within computer-based simulations before we ever move towards milestones like prototyping.

Prototyping is almost always the next step in the design process as it is quite rare for a concept to go all the way to volume manufacturing without a prototyping phase. With a science-based approach and sound project management principles, we’re able to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget, every time.

Challenges We Overcome Everyday in the Telecom Industry

Assemblies bound for the telecommunications industry undoubtedly have a tough road ahead of them. Tight spaces, bends, vibration, heat, dust—all of these different factors require a mitigation plan that can produce the viable on-time and on-budget solutions Meridian is known for.

A few of the many challenges we are used to overcoming on a daily basis include:

  • Data is moving back and forth in real time, across great distances, and needs to be protected against interference that may degrade or corrupt the signal.
  • Designing the cable must utilize the right shielding to fit the environment and application.
  • Telecom and networking cables go all throughout massive buildings, cities, neighborhoods, and everywhere in between in modern society. Calamities like fire and water could cause a massive outage, so engineers must build a stout assembly that allows for unfettered communications, especially for emergency services.
  • With so many different assemblies within the infrastructure, wire management and labeling becomes hugely important. Having the ability to print, use different colors, and other practices in sound wire management means easier integration and maintenance.

No matter what needs you have, there’s a good chance we’ve faced a similar situation many times over. If not, we thrive on producing the custom cable assemblies our telecom clients have relied on for decades. Contact us now to start the process.

Products Tailored for High Tech Industries

Let’s face it, today’s electronic systems are becoming more and more sophisticated to meet the demands of an ever-increasing digital-centric lifestyle. With an existing tooling inventory well in excess of 5,000 different connectors, junctions, overmolds, housings, and more, we design and manufacture cutting-edge cable assemblies and wire harnesses across a myriad of different applications.

Below are a few of the products we’re proud to make with an extreme focus on quality:

Cable Assemblies

From an individual wire through a grouping of multi-conductors, every aspect of Meridian’s cable assembly design must work in perfect harmony in order to deliver on performance and reliability. We design the cable assemblies that are utilized in everything from medical diagnostic equipment to the industrial control system inside a state-of-the-art bottling facility.

There are also many paths that can be taken with customization in cable assemblies, from different conductors sizes and colors, to different strandings, insulation, fillers, wraps and shields, jackets, and more—just ask your dedicated project manager how best we can serve your needs.

Wire Harnesses

These humble workhorses are literally the glue that holds the entire electrical system together. With customized wire harnesses, each project gets the perfect blend of connectors and terminations in order to accomplish the task at hand most efficiently.

Whether that’s the custom wire harnesses used in a military fighter jet or the OEM wire harnesses for automotive parts manufacturers, our team has the experience, tools, and knowledge necessary to create a one-of-a-kind product. We employ the fully-automatic, semi-automatic, and hand tools required to process the level of accuracy required.

Coil Cords

Coil cords with different retracted lengths, diameters, conductor ranges—the sky’s the limit with what we can design and manufacture. Meridian’s coil cords are used around the world in a wide variety of applications. Having such a large tooling inventory means we can find the solution that meets your criteria rather than the other way around. Whether that’s a PVC-jacketed coil cord with a dozen conductors or a coaxial cable with a simple polyurethane jacket, our team can design the perfect solution

Molded Components

Surrounding components of custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies with the perfect plastic material to create a truly superior level of protection is what overmolding is all about. Enclosure strain relief, connector strain relief, cable breakouts, seals and glands, cable stops—we can customize each and every piece of a molded component down to the individual strands of a conductor. We extrude a wide range of AWG conductors, different strandings, insulations, wraps and shields, fillers, jackets, and even cable types to create a product that absolutely fits within the parameters of the intended application.

SMA Cable Assemblies

Bringing to life SMA connector cable assemblies for health and medical, military, and other highly-discerning industries takes attention to detail, experience, and the tools to get the job done right. Sub-miniature type A connectors are great in high-frequency applications and SMA cable assemblies provide multiple SMA connections and adapters within a single electrical system. When the designs are this technical, you want the most exacting designers around, which is exactly what we do every day at Meridian.

No matter what cable assembly or wiring harness is needed, you can trust the team at Meridian to design a perfect set-up to meet the needs of your application.

Certifications Matter with Custom Cable Assemblies Manufacturers

When you start looking at different cable designs and fabricators, you want to make sure that you see industry-recognized certifications that speak to the prowess of the manufacturer. We are proud to maintain a variety of certifications that are known the world over as marks of a high-quality process and product.

The ISO 9001:2015 is a certification Meridian has proudly held for decades. This stringent certification requires absolute quality in every aspect of our business. From customer service and delivery, through product testing and quality assurance, demonstrating quality is paramount. Another certification that really matters in custom cable design is the IATF 16949. This is specifically for automobile parts manufactures and denotes a manufacturer as one who has met the incredibly rigorous criteria also with regards to quality.

Peace of Mind Knowing That You've Chosen a Quality Coil Cord Design

Lastly, UL certification and having UL approved manufacturing facilities is a huge deal in cable assembly design and manufacture. We utilize UL-listed components to deliver products that perform exactly as they are designed and then are able to help our clients secure their own certifications through a variety of agencies. Being able to stamp the coveted “UL” inside the circle on the bottom of a client’s project can tremendously elevate the offering.

Ensuring Quality Throughout the Process

We are able to achieve such high levels of quality assurance and quality control because our processes are built around proven, scientific methods for testing and validation.

Each and every product that rolls off our assembly line will have been tested and retested for continuity, integrity, polarity, and functionality before shipping to our clients around the world. Before this takes place, however, that design will have been tested within the design phase at multiple project milestones. Even during conception as a digital design file, the product will be put to the test under multiple scenarios to see how the design holds up. Prototyping is the next phase that allows the most efficient design to prevail.

Arguably one of the coolest aspects of the design process takes place in our Advanced Life Testing Labs. This is where designs will undergo incredible stress tests under real-world conditions to see how they hold up. Whether that’s abrasion testing against a Kevlar-shielded assembly or a retraction compliance test with a coiled cord, we have perfected the process of testing each and every design we undertake to the highest industry standards, and beyond.


Coil Cord Design Product Comparison
Custom Cables for Prototyping

Prototyping For Approval or Concept Verification

Prototyping during the design phase is a process that can truly make or break our cable engineers’ designs for a given project. Prototyping can be performed to prepare small lots that allow a concept verification of approval of a given design by seeing how each and every component comes together.

We have a resilient supply chain and rely on just-in-time ordering, Kanban, and Lean Six Sigma principles to eliminate waste and create ongoing efficiency throughout the process, which is why testing through prototyping is so crucial. This process will allow us to see how efficient each iteration is in meeting the task at hand under the project’s given parameters. Once we’ve found the most successful version of a given assembly or harness, we’ll move forward with that design amalgamation.

We’ve found this level of detail to be one of the presiding reasons behind why Meridian has become such a trusted leader as a custom cable manufacturer of distinction.

Starting Your Cable Assembly Design the Right Way

When you have an electrical system that needs a tailored solution, you need a dedicated group of professionals that are really persnickety about quality. Our cable engineers design and manufacture some of the most advanced cable assemblies and wire harnesses on the planet—and even beyond. From aerospace and defense technology to the medical equipment that saves lives, we take what we do seriously.

Ready for an entirely different way of procuring the wire harness assemblies your project needs to be successful? Trust the Meridian difference to deliver the perfect solution, on time and on budget. Contact our team today with your project needs and we’ll deliver a customized quote and project timeline to accomplish the task with perfection.