One of the many customizable cable assemblies that Meridian Cable manufactures are flat ribbon cable assemblies. Flat ribbon cable assemblies are extremely useful cable groupings that are both efficient and cost-effective. Found in many forms of devices, flat ribbon cable assemblies are versatile and capable. Also known as flat cable assemblies, planar assemblies, and flat cable assemblies, flat ribbon cable assemblies go by a lot of names.

As a leading manufacturer of custom flat ribbon cable assemblies, Meridian creates unique cable assemblies to meet the needs of your project. We build highly-functioning flat ribbon cable assemblies from the wire out with the highest quality materials.

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What are Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies?

Like many things, flat ribbon cable assemblies get their name from their appearance. As a series of conductors or wires running parallel to one another, the effect is a flat line in a ribbon-like shape. Flat ribbon cable assemblies are rectangular-shaped which gives them added flexibility to be used in smaller places, like computers and printers. This formation resembles a strand of ribbon and thus, the name flat ribbon cable assemblies.

As opposed to a cable in which the wires are in a spiral formation and create a round cable, flat ribbon cable assemblies are, well, flat. This configuration has many practical benefits as well as transmission benefits. With multiple industries in which flat ribbon cable assemblies are utilized, they can be found in nearly every electrical device and machinery.

The unique design of flat ribbon cable assemblies allows them to be utilized in smaller devices with multiple connection points. This can be extremely useful for complex instruments that require several signals, data transfers, or sources of power. These versatile powerhouse cable assemblies are an incredible work of engineering.

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Building a Custom Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly

Here at Meridian Cable, our engineering and design teams build completely customizable flat ribbon cable assemblies for the conductor up. Creating these capable cable assemblies requires years of experience, quality materials, and thorough auditing of our product and process for quality assurance.

Though there are several thousand smaller steps that constitute the creation of a custom flat ribbon cable assembly, the in-house engineers of Meridian work through every process with precision and intentional attention to detail.

Some of the steps that go into creating a custom flat ribbon cable assembly include:

The design phase

This is a crucial stage in which the Meridian engineers work with our clients to determine the project's necessities. During the design phase of production, our team will unpack every detail of the project specificities to create a tailor-made flat ribbon cable assembly solution. We take our time to get it just right for our clients so the cable assemblies they receive are exactly what they need and no less.

With cutting-edge CAD design technology, we build the perfect configuration of wires and conductors, connectors, terminators, and all other components. This creation process builds a digital design of the custom flat ribbon cable to ensure it is correct before going into physical production.

The prototyping phase

As the name suggests, the prototyping phase is where we create a small batch of the custom cable assemblies from the design phase. This is a key operation for quality control testing, functionality inspections, and overall satisfaction with the product. We put each prototype through rigorous tests to ensure safety, durability, and dependability.

During the prototyping phase, the engineering and design teams will also work to calibrate our equipment to enable efficient mass production. This means that once the prototype is approved, we are prepared to produce the greater volumes of the custom flat ribbon cable assemblies.

The volume production phase

Once the design and prototyping are complete, we are ready to begin producing large volumes of the custom flat cable assemblies. With decades of experience and over 5,000 options of building materials, this phase of production is both efficient and repeatable.

We are constantly working to improve our process to build custom cable assemblies. Our heart is to continuously improve ourselves and our facilities to be more expedient, higher-quality producers, and better manufacturers. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce a completely custom product at a surprisingly fast pace.

The real-world testing phase

Our dedication to quality does not end with production. We further examine the custom flat ribbon cable assemblies in our Advanced Life Testing lab. Here is where we thoroughly put the cable assemblies through the wringer with a series of controlled testing in simulations of harsh conditions.

We understand that most of our cables are going to be put to use in tough working conditions and require dependable resilience. We hold our cable assemblies to the highest standards and strive to create true quality in our products.

The finished product

The result of the extensive design process, thorough prototyping, and relentless testing that we put our cable assemblies through, is a high-quality and dependable custom flat ribbon cable assembly. We do not cut corners and take our time to ensure that our product is reliable. Because we know that our cable assemblies are going to be utilized in potentially life-saving equipment, we set the bar at the highest level. Our team of engineers, designers, and manufacturers take their work very seriously and are always learning how we can improve.

Applications for Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Though you can find flat ribbon cable assemblies in nearly every electronic device, they are frequently used in computers because of their folding capabilities. Because the wires or conductors are laid out parallel to one another and not spiraled, they can be nearly folded in half or manipulated into waves. This enables flat ribbon cable assemblies to be utilized in all kinds of technology and machinery.

Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies in Computers

Within every computer, flat ribbon cable assemblies exist in some form or another. Within personal computers, flat ribbon cable assemblies are used to the disk drive and/or the hard drive to the motherboard. This interconnectivity is made possible by the multiple conductors that flat ribbon cable assemblies. Typically, the more complex the drive that is being connected to the motherboard, the more wires/conductors are necessary for the flat cable assembly.

One of the benefits that the design of flat ribbon cable assemblies provides in computer utilization is their ability to terminate quickly. This allows the computer operating system to end a task or program rapidly. Because of the multiple and simultaneous connections, flat ribbon cable assemblies can allow the computer processors to function with expediency when transferring commands.

Military Applications for Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Because they are so adaptable in their capabilities and design, flat ribbon cable assemblies can have several advantages for military technology. Found in everything from drone operating systems to robotic and autonomous solutions, flat ribbon cable assemblies are an essential component of modern military technology.

Just as in the medical field, flat ribbon cables in the military application need to be made to the most exacting details. With important functions, equipment, and technology, the interconnective components must be built to rigorous standards. Meridian Cable creates military-grade cable assemblies and thoroughly tests them to ensure their quality.

Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies in Medical Equipment

In the medical field, many pieces of equipment utilize flat ribbon cable assemblies for interconnectivity and processing. You may find these versatile cable assemblies on the inside of a heart monitor, ultrasound machine, or any number of other life-saving equipment.

The flat ribbon cable assemblies used in the medical arena need to be reliable and precise in their construction. Because they operate within several machines that can literally be the difference between life and death, medical flat ribbon cable assemblies must be held to the highest standard.

Industrial Applications for Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

With industrial manufacturing being such a massive and varied field, there are nearly infinite possible utilizations for flat ribbon cable assemblies. Some industrial equipment that makes use of flat ribbon cable assemblies are industrial control boards, automated packaging machines, or cutting machines similar to what Meridian cable uses to cut its wire harnesses.

Industrial flat ribbon cable assemblies need to be made to hold up in a variety of conditions and still function properly. This requires materials that may need to come into contact with high temperatures, varying levels of moisture, industrial chemicals, and other common hazards within industrial facilities.

Because of the natural potential for harsh conditions in an industrial environment, the cable assemblies within the machinery must be built to endure. This means using quality materials that can withstand the stressors of less ideal conditions.

Find more info on the manufacturing and applications of custom flat ribbon cables on our blog.

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