Custom cable extrusion

We extrude cable and cable assemblies to the most exacting specifications and requirements, meeting the highest-quality standards. Starting with the individual copper strand, we build cable from the beginning, manufacturing in quality at every step. Since we design and manufacture from the ground up, we can create custom solutions for a wide number of different industries including medical, military, industrial controls and telecommunications. The materials we use range from basic polymers to engineered plastics from PVC to PTFE. We produce what you need.

Insert molding and overmolding

We use insert molding and overmolding on a wide variety of our products. Insert molding improves a product’s functionality, durability and appearance by covering areas of the cable assembly with plastics such as PVC, PP, TPEE and TPR. We design custom overmoldings for connectors, strain reliefs, grommets, Y junctions and many other applications.

Process Capabilities

We specialize in making sure your cable connects in whatever way you need. Whether you need a connector overmolded to ensure hermetic sealing, silicone overmolding for a medical device or a circuit board inside an ultrasonically welded housing, we have a full compliment of process capabilities to build your custom cable assembly.

Sonic welding

We use this advanced technology to efficiently and cost-effectively optimize the quality of our products. Our engineers can design housings to be sonically welded or assist your team in seeing a design to completion.

Soldering to .015 pitch

We have the technology and skilled work force needed to meet the most precise soldering specifications to within .015.


While we have two manufacturing facilities in China, we also have warehousing in the U.S. From this warehouse we can distribute product per your schedule. We work on KanBan arrangement as well as just-in-time systems. We can ship via common carrier or overnight should the need arise.

Testing/Qualification and Verification

Our factory has automated Cirrus testers and can build functional testers for more advanced applications.

All of our coil cords, cable assemblies and overmolded products are 100% tested for continuity, integrity, polarity and functionality before shipping. We use advanced equipment and techniques to inspect and test every product to ensure it meets the most exacting performance requirements, so that our customers receive a quality product each and every time. Our factory has a life testing lab to test advanced applications and help qualify new designs. We can also work with our customers to get products certified through most certification agencies.

Manufacturing Locations

We’re back!

In 1994 we opened our China facility, and sadly shut down our U.S. facility in 1999. Meridian was in China very early and has over 20 years of successful operation there. As of 2014 we’re back in the U.S.! Meridian now has production facilities in St. Augustine, Florida and Tanggu, China. Below you will find our locations and capabilities.

Tanggu, China

  • 30,000 square foot facility
  • Cable assembly design
  • Wire and cable extrusion
  • Wire harness and cable assembly
  • Over molding or insert molding of connectors, grommets, strain reliefs, Y junctions, etc.
  • Life or aging equipment and testing
  • UL.™ approved extruding and manufacturing
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Great people and food!

St. Augustine, Florida

  • 7,000 square foot facility, we’re just getting started
  • Cable assembly design
  • Wire harness and cable assembly
  • Over molding or insert molding of connectors, grommets, strain reliefs, Y junctions, etc.
  • Distribution, Kan Ban, stocking programs
  • Lovely weather!