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We are a design firm that makes custom cable assemblies. Our team of engineers has years of experience designing cable assemblies for medical, industrial controls, electronic and military applications. We have engineers in the U.S. and China who have designed more than 70 percent of the assemblies we produce. Whether you have an existing, preliminary design that could benefit from our industry knowledge or need a new design for a cable assembly, our engineers can assist you.


Rare is the product that goes from concept to millions without steps in between. We expect to do prototypes as part of all of our cable assembly design projects and have the capability to prepare small lots for either approval or concept verification.

Tooling Inventory

We have been overmolding connectors, strain reliefs, breakouts and grommets for more than 30 years. We have over 5,000 existing tools for connectors, junctions, overmolds and housings. Chances are that we have existing tooling to fit your application.