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    Even the most complex cable assemblies we manufacture all start in the same place—the Meridian design studio. At our core, we are a design firm that makes custom cable assemblies. In fact, we design greater than 70 percent of all the assemblies we produce. Our cable and wire engineers are some of the very best in the business and have the latest technology to design and model cable assemblies in a virtual environment before even the first strand of copper is extruded. 

    Utilizing highly-sophisticated 3D CAD design and modeling software, we are able to see how different components come together and simulate function. Here, we can still test for continuity, integrity, polarity, and functionality all before we move forward into prototyping with the best components for the given task. It’s timesaving tasks like these that help us eliminate waste in production to provide better assemblies, faster.

    By having both custom cable design and cable production capabilities under the same roof, our team gains a far better understanding of the total process, ensuring that quality is maintained throughout the project’s timeline. Every custom cable assembly is unique, hence the custom part. We may need to design cable assemblies stout enough to resist water intrusion, extreme temps, or caustic materials all in one.  

    Wire Harnesses Design

    Prototyping Custom Cable And Wire Harnesses

    One of our greatest capabilities here at Meridian lies in the ability to prototype different versions of an assembly before we ever move forward with volume cable assembly manufacturing. Our team takes an in-depth look at how different combinations come together in the real world and test each iteration with the most sophisticated automated systems available. As during the cable design phase, our cable engineers pay close attention to continuity, integrity, polarity and functionality of each iteration to find the very best blend according to the data set. 

    Prototyping also gives our team a chance to see how the logistics of the project will come together. We’ll perform cost-benefit analyses of the various components to see which will deliver the project within the scope of the budget and timeline. After decades as a leader in custom cable manufacturing, we have found that it is quite rare for an assembly to go from design to volume manufacturing without utilizing prototyping in-between. 

    Cable Production for Today’s Advanced Technologies

    Cable production capability at Meridian all starts with our massive tool crib. We have amassed well over 5,000 existing tools for connectors, junctions, overmolds, and housings. With such an expansive tooling inventory at our disposal, our team is able to build projects that fit their intended environment far better than off-the-shelf assemblies. 

    Advantages of Custom Cable Extrusion

    Cable assemblies start as a single strand of conductor which is typically copper. Our engineers can extrude conductors with incredible accuracy all the way down to 34 gauge. Larger gauge conductors are available all the way up to 12 AWG. Our team frequently makes multi-conductor cables and have run in excess of 50 on many different projects. We always keep the end-user in mind and can add elements like colors, stripes, and dashes to the assembly to make sure everything is always perfectly in position. Meridian can also make conductors with stranding that’s as small as 0.002 inches in order to meet the needs of today’s hi-flex cables. 

    Where Insert Molding and Overmolding Can Be a Benefit

    Utilizing state-of-the-art low pressure molding machines like our powerful LPMS Beta 300, Meridian can manufacture some of the strongest and best-protected custom assemblies on the market today. Whenever there’s variables in the environment that could degrade the transmission of signal, data, or power through an assembly, our engineers kick into high gear to design a mitigation plan. Low pressure molding is a method we employ that uses both injection molding and casting elements. This process allows the custom cable assembly to be sealed while also gaining strain relief. 

    The potent combination that comes from low pressure molding provides a host of benefits including being more sustainable and better for the environment and in providing a stronger resistance against water dust and chemicals. 

    Global Manufacturing Capabilities

    Having two, wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in both the U.S. and in China, Meridian truly is able to provide global manufacturing and logistics to get your cable assembly anywhere it needs to go. We’ve been in China since 1994 and are UL-approved for extruding and manufacturing. Between our two facilities, we carry out custom cable assembly design, production, and certification for some of the most sophisticated systems on the planet, and even beyond.

    Process Capabilities That Build Better Assemblies

    Two process capabilities our team has at their disposal to build better assemblies include sonic welding and highly accurate soldering all the way to within .015 pitch. The level of precision we are able to achieve given our tools and experience is the reason behind why our cable assemblies and wire harnesses are trusted in some of the most demanding industries. 

    Testing and Qualification Runs

    Perhaps one of Meridian’s greatest capabilities lies in our testing and qualification verification. We utilize fully automated Ciris testing units in order to spot even the tiniest defect that could affect the performance of the unit. Our clients are utilizing our products in everything from MILSPEC communications systems to cutting-edge medical devices which is why we spend so much of our time focusing on quality. 

    By testing each and every assembly that we produce, we ensure that our customers receive the very best version of their product every single time they partner with us.

    Types of Products Meridian Manufactures

    We have the capability to produce a cable assembly or wire harnesses for just about any situation imaginable. Our product categories are defined into five distinct segments:

    Every single product that rolls off the Meridian assembly line is going to be 100% tested for continuity, integrity, polarity and functionality before it ever ships to our customers. It’s because of this finatical attention to quality that Meridian is known the world over for making assemblies that can be counted on no matter what.

    Certification for Custom Cable Assemblies

    Certifications matter in custom cable assemblies because it ensures that your manufacturer is meeting or exceeding industry standards. Certifications we’re proud to maintain include:

    ISO 9001:2015

    Quality is actually at the core of our ISO 9001:2015 certification. We’ve maintained this certification on our achievement of being able to demonstrate quality at every single touch point of our operations. From cable design and production, to customer service, we strive to make each process that much better every single day. These small and incremental improvements have translated into huge returns in terms of Meridian’s overall level of quality as an entire organization after the many years we’ve spent implementing them.

    IATF 16949

    The International Standard for Automotive Quality Management Systems, the IATF 16949, is a globally-recognized certification that auto manufacturers and OEMs look for from top custom cable manufacturers. IATF certification means efficiency of process, continued satisfaction of customers, continued improvement, eliminating defects, and looking to remove waste from the supply chain. 

    UL-Approved Manufacturing Facilities

    Having two UL-approved manufacturing facilities means that we have met the stringent standards for quality that Underwriters Laboratories requires. With this achievement, we’re able to put the coveted “UL” circle stamp on the bottom of products and can help yours get approved through a variety of different certifying agencies.

    Searching “Cable Assembly In USA?” Think Meridian

    With a massive tool crib, the best and brightest engineers in the industry, and state-of-the art design facilities, Meridian stands as one of the best sources for high-quality custom cable assemblies. Our professional certifications in ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949, and being a UL-approved manufacturing facility, boils down to creating products that can be depended on to function cycle-after-cycle in some of the most demanding conditions known to man. No matter what challenge your cable assembly design and production project faces, our team has demonstrated we have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to accomplish the task on-time and on-budget. 

    Get in contact with our team today to review your specifications and experience the Meridian difference for yourself.