A Cable Manufacturer’s Confirmation of Quality

When looking for a manufacturer, every client searches for the one that can produce the highest quality product and researches every Cable Manufacturer’s Confirmation of Quality . But when it comes to cables and wiring, quality is not only important to the longevity of the product – it’s also a safety concern. When working with a manufacturer to produce wire harnesses or cable assemblies, it’s important to ask about the steps and assurances they take to produce safe, high-quality goods.

Cable Manufacturer's Confirmation of Quality

Cable Manufacturer’s Confirmation of Quality

Qualifications to Look for When Choosing a Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Manufacturer

It’s hard to know where to begin when looking for qualified cable assembly manufacturers. Fortunately though, there are several quality assurance groups and certifications that respected manufacturers associate themselves with. Asking manufacturers about their qualifications and the industry groups they belong to will help you determine which manufacturer will be able to meet your needs based on your product’s scale and intended market. Certifications and qualities to look for when choosing a qualified manufacturer include:

UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

Ask potential manufacturers if they are capable of producing products that will meet the various compliance standards put in place by UL. If you’re not familiar with UL, it’s an independent body that is known for testing, inspecting, verifying, and certifying that products meet various international safety standards. Working with a manufacturer who can meet the necessary requirements to certify your product will ensure that it’s safe. This will also help your product to succeed in competitive markets where this group’s seal of approval bears a great deal of weight.

ISO 9001:2008

This rather lengthy series of letters and numbers is actually a manufacturing certification issued by ISO. ISO is a globally recognized organization known for setting the standard for quality management. Manufacturers with this certification are trained in the best practices for ensuring that customers receive consistent, high-quality results. This system is focused on making the manufacturing process as efficient and streamlined as possible, which will ultimately save everyone time and money. Looking for a manufacturer that understands and utilizes these practices is a great way to guarantee that you’re working with a group capable of producing great results in an efficient manner.


Choosing a manufacturer with years of experience may be one of the best ways to ensure quality and ingenuity. Talk to potential manufacturers about the work that they have done in the past to get a sense of their niche and the scope of their work. Some questions to consider are:

  • Do they have experience in a similar industry?
  • How long have they been operating, and are they capable of producing custom parts?
  • Where does this company manufacture their goods and how do they source their materials?

These questions will give you a sense of the manufacturer’s organizational process and workflow. It’s important that your manufacturer’s scale and capabilities align with yours and the goals that you have for your product.

Testing Procedures for Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses

Aside from asking about credentials and experience, ask the manufacturer how they test their products. What protocols are in place to guarantee that their products are capable of withstanding expected conditions, voltages, and frequent use? Visually inspecting products and using prototypes are helpful steps that should be incorporated into the testing process. However, there are quite a few additional tests that can be used to gauge the quality of your wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Ask your manufacturer about the following testing options for your product:

Advanced Life Testing Labs

Simulating the everyday wear and tear that products undergo is one of the best ways to ensure that they meet your quality expectations. Your manufacturer should be able to design a series of tests to see how durable the final product actually is. This is particularly beneficial for new product designs, giving you a feel for the way that they function during everyday use.

Third Party Test Systems 

Bringing on a third party to test your product and ensure that it’s working exactly as planned is an effective way of testing it. Third party testers can detect and troubleshoot issues like shorts or mis-wires, if conductors were contaminated, and a variety of other issues. Having an independent party test products gives both the client and manufacturer peace of mind.

There are several steps that can be taken by the manufacturer to produce wire harnesses and cable assemblies capable of handling anything from office use to arctic conditions and polar bears. Meridian Cable possesses the certifications and experience necessary to produce quality, specially designed cords that meet your product’s unique needs.

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