When creating wiring for logistics purposes, it’s paramount that the cable’s wiring is durable and made to last rugged conditions. Meridian Cable was able to produce this type of cabling for one of their clients, ensuring that it was capable of withstanding rough conditions.

Meridian Cable was recently contacted by a leading logistics company looking for Quality Cable Assemblies Manufacturers to create customized cable assemblies capable of working with a variety of commercial vehicles. This need arose after the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that data logging devices would soon be required in many commercial vehicles. This was done in an effort to create safer highways by effectively tracking how long drivers were on the roadways. Requiring a cable manufacturer who builds products with quality and durability.

Cable Manufacturer Quality and Durability

Cable Manufacturer Quality and Durability

The logistics company that contacted Meridian had no problems manufacturing the data loggers, but struggled to create custom cable assemblies that would work with the wide variety of vehicles that their customers utilized. The issue that they had creating this wiring was two-fold. The first problem was that these data loggers had to fit within a number of different vehicles that varied in year, make, and model. The second issue was that these assemblies needed to be strong enough to withstand rugged environments. The wires used had to be able to function optimally despite bumps and being jostled over the course of long hauls.

Quality and Durability

At Meridian, we specialize in creating customized products for our clients and welcomed the challenge that came with designing these custom assemblies. We understood that the first step would be devising a way to ensure that the type of assembly used with these data loggers would be compatible with a wide array of trucks. Our solution to this was to design a series of customized overmolds. This type of custom cable enabled the data boxes to be linked to a variety of vehicles’ telemetric systems quickly and effectively.

The second issue was rather easy for us to solve. We value quality and put all of the products that we manufacture through a series of tests including advanced life testing labs and various quality control measures. This guarantees that the products we manufacture are of an extremely high quality and are able to function reliably while on the road. This is always crucial, but having this level of security gave the manufacturer peace of mind knowing that their product had the right materials to continue to reliably transmit data, keeping their customers compliant.

Quality Cable Assemblies Manufacturers

Finding Quality Cable Assemblies Manufacturers with this level of versatility required a great deal of design know-how and experience in cable manufacturing. Creating quality assembly cabling is one of the areas that we thrive in, we understand the challenges associated with producing this type of cabling. We strive to gain an understanding of our clients’ products to ensure that we have all of the details needed to produce assembly cabling that exceeds expectations and works seamlessly with their products.

If you’re looking for a manufacturer with experience in the design, production, assembly, and service of wire harnesses – look no further than Meridian Cable to meet your custom cabling needs.

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