molded cable assembly

One of the ways that we have begun to innovate how we create custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses is through the advancing technology in 3D printing. We’ve acquired three 3D printers and have been putting them to good use in creating unique cable solutions for our clients. How exactly have we been using this new technology? That’s what we’ll…

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LiveWire Behind the Scenes: Who Makes Custom Wiring Harnesses?

how custom wire harnesses are made

Custom wire harnesses are seen in so many different applications we all use every day that it can be easy to gloss over their vital utility. From global telecommunications to advanced manufacturing facilities, our connected world relies on high-quality wire harnesses to function. But who’s behind these custom solutions making the modern world possible?  Here,…

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Universal Wiring Harnesses

Wire Harness Components

Diving into the wide world of wire harnesses can be daunting. There are simply so many variations for a wire harness that the options are truly mind boggling. But, in walks the concept of universal wiring harnesses and, poof, mind blow. So, is there such a thing as a universal wiring harness?  Even in a…

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The Buyer’s Guide to OEM and Cable Harness Engineering Solutions

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and Original Parts Distributors (OPD) depend on quality parts that are up to exact specifications. With many different cable harness engineering solutions, the team at Meridian helps OEMs source the very best components to use in their cabling systems.  Today’s Livewire News spotlight is focused on how Meridian meets the needs…

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Cable Harness Assembly from Prototype through Production

With over 5,000 existing tools at our disposal, chances are good we’ve got everything we need to produce even highly complex and completely customized solutions. However, there are many instances where we’ve had to design a totally new tool or testing mechanism when a solution is a never-before-seen amalgamation. We leverage decades in the industry…

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What Do Wiring Harness Manufacturers Do, Exactly?

What Do Wiring Harness Manufacturers Do, Exactly? The custom harness that was designed especially for all the different electronic systems you own and come into contact with on a daily basis, required some pretty sophisticated engineering. At the micro-level, the engineering that went into the engineering i.e. the machines that create a custom wiring harness…

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Steps Toward Choosing the Right Custom Cable Assemblies

custom cable assemblies

Gain an understanding of how your Cable Manufacturing partner produces cables and assemblies to meet your needs. Highly technical products require highly technical solutions and tooling only available from a team with quality cable manufacturing capabilities. To avoid working with a low-quality product, it’s important to understand the wiring options that are available to you…

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Choosing the Right Components for your Wire Harness

Prototyping Custom Cable Assemblies

How do you convey to your manufacturers and designers the features that are most important to the success of your wire harness? If you’re not working with a manufacturer that has years of experience in a variety of fields, it can be tough to ensure that they have a full grasp of the wide array…

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Ways to Effectively Protect Your Cable Harness Assembly

We often think of cable harness assemblies as protective pieces of equipment, which they are, but we usually don’t consider how that protection may also need to be shielded from outside stimulus. The right cable harness assembly will protect wires and other important cables, as well as keep them organized, but you should take steps…

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