Meridian Cable Celebrates 10 Years as a US Manufacturer

cable assembly engineers at work in our St. Augustine location

Meridian Cable is proud to announce a major milestone in the life of our company. We are celebrating ten years of quality custom cable assembly manufacturing, making the world more connected for a solid decade. As we look back on the last ten rotations around the sun, we’ve come a long way from 2014.   …

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Custom Cable Assembly Guide

custom cable assemblies

The finest details are often the most important. A lot goes into crafting top-notch quality cables, and Meridian Cable is committed to providing excellent custom cable solutions for nearly every industry. Over the last several decades, we have continuously improved our process to build reliable, high-capacity, and long-lasting custom cable assemblies.  With our experience building…

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The Cable Engineer’s Ultimate Guide to Wire Harness Assemblies

When you’ve been a top cable engineer in custom harness assemblies for several decades, you begin to build up a vast knowledge bank of innovative manufacturing steps, process controls, and even tooling capabilities; all of which contribute to a better product and better customer experience.  In today’s Livewire spotlight, we’ll capture everything we’ve learned for…

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The Insider’s Look at the Cable Assembly Manufacturing Process

There are decidedly many steps that comprise getting a cable assembly from concept into production. At Meridian, we design over 70% of the products we manufacture which gives our team an edge when we’re solving the types of complex problems our clients bring our way every day.  Today’s spotlight is pointed squarely at the process…

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3 Reasons to Work with Cable Assemblies Manufacturers on Prototyping

cable assemblies manufacturers prototyping

Partnering with cable assemblies manufacturers to prototype can help you ensure a more successful solution. Working with cable assemblies manufacturers on prototypes is a great way to keep your production process running smoothly and end up with a cable assembly that performs the way you expect. While there are situations where an off-the-shelf cable can…

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Discussing Filler Materials with Your Cable Assembly Manufacturer

filler materials used by cable assemlby manufacturers

Your choice of filler materials can affect the sequence of components, the strength, and even the appearance of your custom cable. When meeting with a cable assembly manufacturer, filler materials might not be at the top of your list of subject to discuss. However, filler material is an important component of your finished custom cable…

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Talking Jacketing Material with Your Cable Assembly Manufacturer

cable assembly manufacturer jacketing

Choosing the right jacketing material is key to creating a tougher custom cable assembly. Jacketing material is one of the many features of a custom cable that you should talk about with your cable assembly manufacturer. As the first line of defense against a variety of conditions — including heat, moisture, and chemicals — your…

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5 Points to Discuss with a Custom Cable Manufacturer

custom cables

Being clear about what you need at the start of your project is key to a successful relationship with your custom cable manufacturer. Regular readers know we stress good communication with your custom cable manufacturer throughout the design and manufacturing process. More information, especially during the design phase, can help the team address potential issues…

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