Top 10 Tips for Designing Custom Wire Harness Assemblies

custom wire harnesses

Designing a custom wire harness requires attention to detail, meticulous planning, extensive electrical know-how, and a sharp mind for creating solutions. Building a custom wire harness from the ground up is hard work and requires prodigious skill to get it just right. Every connection, conductor, and molded component must be precisely crafted to properly ensure…

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Meridian Cable Celebrates 10 Years as a US Manufacturer

cable assembly engineers at work in our St. Augustine location

Meridian Cable is proud to announce a major milestone in the life of our company. We are celebrating ten years of quality custom cable assembly manufacturing, making the world more connected for a solid decade. As we look back on the last ten rotations around the sun, we’ve come a long way from 2014.   …

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Special Purpose Cable Assemblies

Custom Cables for Prototyping

As one of the leading manufacturers in the custom cable assembly industry, Meridian Cable has seen its fair share of industry applications for our products. We’ve built cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and more for nearly every purpose and field. Creating a product from the ground up means we are able to make it completely customized…

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What are the Different Types of RF Cable Assemblies?

rf cable assemblies

Even though you have probably seen a radio frequency (RF) cable before, you might not know what you are looking at. Though they are commonly referred to as coaxial cables, RF cables, and RF cable assemblies can be used in slightly different ways than standard coaxial cables. In fact, several different types of RF cables…

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What is an OEM Cable and Who are the Engineers Behind Them? 

OEM cable assembly guide

An OEM is a broad term that refers to a part, or system of parts, that is a crucial component of a larger system. The acronym OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” and is used frequently across numerous industries. When it comes specifically to an OEM cable, this is a cable that is created to…

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How To Mold/Overmold Plastic Onto a PCB

low pressure molding button

Watching a strain relief being molded onto one end of a PCB assembly using a high pressure mold and PVC looks like something out of a sci-fi movie (seriously, check out the video below). However, this process adds so much durability and protection to the assembly below and can be customized perfectly to whatever the…

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What is Heat Shrinking in Cable Assemblies?

Colors of Heat-shrink tube in the factory

Heat shrink tubing can be an incredible value-added component to a cable assembly with increased strength, durability, and resiliency in one, easy package. However, there is obviously a cost involved with any additional parts being incorporated into a custom cable assembly. So, how do you best use heat shrinking in your cable assemblies to be…

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Intro to PCB & Cable Harness Assemblies for Industrial, Controls & Instrumentation Applications

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are laminated pieces of conductors and insulators providing layers of protection for the overall assembly. Soldering allows electronic components in precise locations to provide their respective use as connectors between terminations all in an efficient and controlled manner. Providing electrical connection and mechanical support, these workhorses make electrical components in a…

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Is a Wire Harness Different from an Electrical Harness?

Ah, the age-old question. The quick answer is no, there is no difference between a wire harness and an electrical harness. Wire harnesses and cable assemblies themselves are often used interchangeably but these two components each play their own critical part in the overall system.  In today’s LiveWire deep dive, we’ll highlight the humble wire…

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Finding Custom Wire Harnesses & Wire Harness Assemblies for Medical Devices

Creating a custom medical wire harness assembly requires a particular level of precision in order to meet the standards of highly sensitive medical equipment. With each medical wire harness assembly that Meridian Cable creates, we pour our years of experience and engineering into creating reliable, durable and flexible cable and wire assemblies. When finding the…

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