Choosing the right Custom Cable Cable Assembly Manufacturer can be broken down into a series of key points and actionable steps to ensure that your goals align with those of your manufacturer.

A quick Google search for custom cable cable assembly manufacturer results in an overwhelming number of results. How can customers determine which ones are able to produce custom wiring that meets their product’s needs? We’ve put together a list of key points to consider and things to look for while browsing the web for a cable assemblies manufacturer.

Custom Cable Cable Assembly Manufacturers

Custom Cable Cable Assembly Manufacturers


What’s Your Custom Niche?

It’s always a good idea to first identify which industries each custom cable cable assembly manufacturer thrives in. Working with a manufacturer that is experienced in your industry is a great indicator of success. It shows that this particular manufacturer understands the unique issues that can arise during the production process. Knowing each manufacturer’s area of expertise and the products that they’ve produced is a fast and simple way to determine if they can extrude products that meet the specific requirements that your custom cabling requires.

Steps towards quality assurance.

After ensuring that the manufacturer’s work is in a similar field, take a look at their certifications. This is a surefire way to determine the level of quality and expertise that they can provide. The exact certifications that your product needs will depend on its intended purpose and market. A great manufactured cable producer will have designers and engineers on-staff to help you determine this. As a best practice though, look for certifications issued by ISO and UL. These are two of the leaders in manufacturing best practices and quality assurance, their seal of approval holds a tremendous amount of weight in the design and manufacturing realm. Seeking out manufacturers who are certified by these organizations is a great way to safeguard against potential manufacturing errors and safety concerns. It’s also important not to overlook a manufacturer’s years of experience as this indicates their dedication to quality, their ability to meet deadlines and client’s needs.

Assessing the past work of a custom cable cable assembly manufacturer.

Another best practice for finding the right cable manufacturing facility is to learn more about their past products. You will likely find insights and examples of past products on their site, browse through these to gain a sense of their capabilities. Some questions to think about as you browse manufactures’ websites include:

  • Did this manufacturer design and produce these products?
  • Can customers choose the color, the finish, and which additional elements will be added to the product?
  • Will the manufacturer custom build your assembly cabling, or do they only provide off the shelf options? Because complex cables require a plethora of wires that must be stored in the assembly, it’s best to only choose a manufacturer that has a history of producing custom designs.
  • Do they provide examples of products that are relevant to your specific industry?
  • What kind of specialized materials do they have to offer for your cable assembly? For example, a cable assembly being used for heavy machinery will likely require heavy-duty materials like Teflon, while a custom cable assembly for use in the medical industry may require bio-sensitive materials.

Your involvement in the process.

No one knows the exact needs of your product better than you and your design team. Because of this, it’s important that your custom cable cable assembly manufacturer is willing to work with you; sharing their industry knowledge to help you make the best design decisions possible. Determining this can be difficult when relying solely on a website, but the manufacturer’s blogs and past work history should give you more insight into this.

A location that works for you.

Your manufacturer’s location is crucial to the success of your product. Having custom cable assembly manufacturers nearby is unlikely, but knowing that they can easily be reached and have locations in multiple timezones makes the production process more efficient. Manufacturers with multiple locations will give you options as to where your materials will come from, and where the product will be produced to reduce overall shipping costs. This is also beneficial to the success of your product, as your manufacturer will be able to provide faster service in the event that production in one facility is slowed or if your product’s production requires additional resources.


Choosing a custom cable cable assembly manufacturer for your cable assembly doesn’t have to be a lengthy or overwhelming process. Much of your initial vetting can be done by browsing their site to get a sense of the products that they produce, how they measure quality, where their factories are, and their willingness to work with your existing product team. This can be time-consuming, but it will simplify the process in the long run, ensuring that you only have a tailored list of companies to contact.


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