Coiled cords have been with us for decades. Many have memories of landline phones, complete with one of these stretchable cords, decorating the walls of our childhood homes. They became a staple of many different industries, especially telecommunications, but many people aren’t aware of how useful these types of coil cords can be.

Coiled cords are not simply for landline phones. They actually have a long list of uses in many differcoil cordsent industries because of how they work. Unlike many other kinds of cords, coiled cords build protection into the design itself, which is why coil cords are renowned for their durability. The reason is how they’re made, which includes a careful process of coating the wires in plastic insulation for protection. Those wires are then covered in a special plastic that can be made into a spring or coil.  At this point the cable is coiled and heat treated in a variety of ways to achieve the desired results.  Because of the special process by which the cords are coiled, the wires can stretch and retract as needed without undue wear on the wires held inside.

Coil cords are found in many different industries and can be made to almost any kind of required specification. Meridian Cable has been making customized coil cords for years, each of which can meet the exact needs of the clients who request them. Some of the specifications that are requested for these custom coiled wires include the following:

-Type: Coil cords can carry more than telephone signals. Some construction equipment requires coiled electrical cords for safety. Other types of coil cords include carrying internet signals, data, electricity, and a mixture of multiple kinds of wires.

-Materials: Coil cords are almost always made of flexible plastic coatings and conductible wires, and there are specific materials within these. Meridian can make coil cords from PU, PTEE, TPR, SVO and SJOW, depending on your needs. For outdoor environments, our specialty UV inhibitor technology can protect your coil cords from the sun’s rays, extending the lifespan of coil cords that are used outside.

-Performance: Coil cords need to stand up to the harshest environments, which is why Meridian makes their products under strict guidelines. Our coil cords can be built to withstand extreme temperatures and regular use, and be packed with high quality wires that reliably deliver the signals or power you need.

Coiled wires are an important part of the modern world for one major reason: safety. Because of their ability to stretch out and retract all on their own, these specialized cords help keep people and workplaces safer for everyone. They also help keep things running more efficiently, since coil cords can be specially made to carry multiple types of wires within the same piece. This can not only save space in busy or compact environments, but they help keep wires more organized.

At Meridian Cable, we make custom coil cords that match your exact specifications. Whether it’s a simple phone cord or an industrial coil carrying both power and signals, our cords are built to make work sites, and life, safer and more efficient.

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