custom cable assembliesFor over 25 years, Meridian Cable has been a forerunner in creating custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses. We design and create remarkable cable solutions for industries around the world. Our team works directly with our clients to design and build completely custom cable projects from the ground up. With our expertise and experience, we provide viable cable solutions that meet your deadline and budget. 

You can trust Meridian Cable to get the job done when you need technical solutions. We operate on a global scale and serve nearly every industry. Our engineering team takes on each problem individually to provide the ideal product. No matter what industry or equipment you have, we can create the ideal solution for you. 

Our Decorated Engineering Team

Though we’ve been in business for over 25 years, the combined experience of our engineering team goes well beyond a quarter of a century. Our brilliant team of engineers and design technicians have developed the skills and ingenuity to solve any wiring issue. We’ve dedicated ourselves to hiring the best and the brightest in the industry. Our engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing technology at their disposal. We pour all that we have into creating one-of-a-kind cables and assemblies. 

Our team adheres to the highest of standards. We are proud to maintain multiple UL certifications and ISO 9001:2015 certification. We hold ourselves to strict standards and can even help your product get certified through various agencies. Our experienced engineering team takes professional responsibility and quality products very seriously. 

We put our multiple decades of experience to work in building quality, dependable products. By adhering to industrial standards and regulations, we build cables our clients trust. You can rely on our brilliant engineers to design and create a cable solution that works for your unique situation. 

Benefits of Complete Customization

Of course, there are plenty of off-the-shelf solutions out there. While you may find a product that “does the job,” having a cable solution built specifically for your equipment can make all the difference. With a customized cable solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is getting the precise support it needs to function successfully. 

Our team of engineers will design and create a cable solution that perfectly matches your needs. With our custom products, you don’t have to worry about configuring a cable solution that may or may not work. When we design your cable solution, you can rest assured that it is precisely what you need. We do all the work for you to build your cable assembly or wire harness to the exact specifications of your gear. 

Here are some of the other benefits of our customization process: 

  • You get specialized cable assemblies for unique equipment 
  • You benefit from our team of engineers’ experience 
  • We create a solution specifically for your connection needs 
  • We offer unique specialized components 
  • We test and prototype each new product to ensure quality 
  • Your cable solution is guaranteed to adhere to industry standards 
  • You stand behind our products with stout commercial warranties 

In short, a custom cable solution can be far better than any off-the-shelf option. When you let Meridian Cable build your cable assembly or wire harness, you can expect high-quality manufacturing and excellent service—before, during, and especially after the sale. 

We Thrive on Solving Unique Cable Problems

At Meridian Cable, we love a challenge. Our engineering team is well-equipped to solve distinctive cable problems with custom cable solutions. We work with highly specialized equipment, industries, and products to create viable solutions for complex and unique issues. Our team utilizes the latest in design and engineering technology. We have an impressive amount of tech at our disposal to create the perfect cable solution for nearly any industry. 

One of the benefits of working with Meridian for your custom cable solutions is we have over 5,000 unique components in our tool crib. This massive array of tools, connectors, conductors, and terminators gives us the ability to create hundreds of thousands of unique combinations for cables and wires. When we say we can do it all, we stand by it. 

We’ve been a reliable source as a solution-maker to the most difficult and unique connection problems. Our comprehensive and cutting-edge design technology allows us to solve cable issues before ever going to production. We are committed to constantly improving our process to provide the best product possible. 

Design & Engineering Process

Our team works directly with you to design the ideal product for your needs. Our engineers will gather data to ascertain the quality, products, and features you need from your connection creation. 

Once we’ve collected the data, we create a unique design using cutting-edge design software. Before we ever go into production, we digitally visualize your product. This enables our team to see potential hiccups or misconnections before they even happen. Before we pull the first conductor, our custom cable solutions have been digitally tested and rendered. 

We design more than 70% of the products we produce. This practice enables us to have a hands-on look at the majority of the cable solutions we create. With our expert eyes on every step of the process, we can ensure quality manufacturing for every one of our products. 

Once we are satisfied with the digital rendering, we build a prototype to move to the testing phase. The prototype and testing phase gives us an opportunity to examine and test our products, as well as our supply chain. We are proud of our reputation and do all we can to ensure quality and performance. 

Tested Proven Custom Cable Solutions

By the time a cable solution is ready to go to production, it has been thoroughly tested and tried. In addition to the rigorous virtual design process, we make a physical prototype for real-world testing. As we design the prototype, we pull together multiple versions of the same product to optimize the cable solution. Once we’re satisfied with the design of the prototype, we can move an order into testing. 

Our rigorous testing process within our Advanced Testing Lab examines each element of the cable assembly to ensure it is at optimum performance. Our tests are designed to push the limits of our products. We put each cable through harsh conditions, strenuous performance tests, and a myriad of other qualifying exams. 

We strive for consistent functionality, top-notch quality, and optimized performance. If any one of the elements within the cable fails the test, we pivot and tweak the design as needed. If we have to, we can go back to the drawing board to rethink and redesign the cable solution. We put our cables through a lot to ensure that you get the best quality we can provide. 

Applications for Custom Cable Assemblies

As a leading manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, Meridian Cable has created solutions for countless applications. We provide specialized cable assemblies and wire harnesses for unique, highly distinct equipment. In nearly every industry, you can find a place for a custom cable assembly. The connections that cables provide are what make the technological world go around. Everywhere that electrical equipment is used, a cable assembly can be found. 

Of course, the applications for cable work could be endless. Here are a few of the common places we’ve seen applications for custom cable assemblies: 

  • Aerospace technology 
  • The automobile industry 
  • Medical equipment 
  • Military and defense applications 
  • Construction equipment 
  • Sound and lighting apparatuses 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Manufacturing facilities 
  • Industrial switchboards 
  • Robotics and automation facilities 
  • Information technology 
  • Entertainment
  • Film and music industries 

We could continue on and on about the applications and industries that can benefit from custom cable work. Though each of these industries presents unique situations and problems, we’ve created cable solutions for all of them. 

Our experienced engineering team, paired with our ample supply of customizable components, means we can create custom cable assemblies for any project. 

Engineered Volume Production

When you work with Meridian, you get the full force of our production. Once we’ve created a product for you, we keep it on file to simplify bulk production and reorders. We have the design and mass production process down to a science. We utilize automated and semi-automated production to create massive orders quickly. 

We’re also constantly improving our process; in fact, it’s a key tenet of our ISO 9001 certification. We put our brilliant engineers to work on continually rethinking and reevaluating our efficiency, workflow, and output. In everything we do, we believe we can do it better. Our goal is to innovate and improve how we build and create the world’s cable solutions. 

Let Us Engineer a Custom Cable Solution for You

Whatever your industry or application, Meridian Cable can design your ideal custom assembly. We’ve served thousands of industries for decades now and would be thrilled to put our skills and tools to work for you. 

When you work with our team, we handle everything from concept to reality. You can rely on us to source any and all cable projects. Contact us today to discuss your next custom cable project. 


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