Custom cable assemblies come in all shapes and sizes. At Meridian Cable, we are proficient in creating and designing unique cable solutions for a wide range of industries. Our cables help the world connect, power, communicate, and operate facilities and equipment in every industrial sector. The custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses we design have unique properties and are tailor-made for our clients. 

We’ve created connection solutions for clients from every corner of the globe. Since we began,  we’ve acquired the skills, tools, and talent to create viable cable solutions for our clients. 

Types of Custom Cable Assemblies

Your equipment determines which type of cable assembly you need. While we have the capacity to customize cables from the ground up, we often start with the basics. Connections, ability, purpose, and environment help determine your cable needs. Our design team can help create the precise cable assembly for your equipment and requirements. We’ll design your cable assembly down to the most minute detail. 

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Coaxial cable assemblies are distinct in their unique connections and properties. These electrical cables have a single central conductor for which they are named. These cables are used to transmit high-frequency signals between equipment and can be found in a range of industries. The most common area coaxial cable assemblies are in the telecommunications and media industries. 

One of the benefits of using coaxial cables is they transmit pulses of electricity and signal with zero loss. This constant signal and connection are essential for broadcasting equipment and gear. This special feature of coaxial cable assemblies makes them a valuable asset in server rooms and other electronically busy environments. 

Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Flat ribbon cable assemblies are created by laying wires and conductors perpendicular to create a single flexible cable line. These cable assemblies are often used in small spaces like computers or network connections. Aligning conductors in a flat ribbon formation has many spatial and transmission benefits. In one form or another, flat ribbon cables can be found in nearly every electronic device. 

The unique design of flat ribbon cable assemblies makes them essential in complex equipment with multiple connection ports. Their flexibility and unique capacity make flat ribbon cable assemblies an excellent option for endless applications. 

Coiled Cable Assemblies

Coiled cable assemblies have been a staple in the industrial world for decades. These durable cables are designed to transmit high-frequency signals with reliable capacity. Coil cable assemblies are made from ultra-thin conductors and jackets coiled into a tight spiral. Though they may seem simple, coiled cable assemblies can be made with dozens of connections for various equipment. These handy cable assemblies are often found in industrial manufacturing facilities, telecommunications centers, and electrical systems worldwide. Known for their durability, coiled cable assemblies are a valuable commodity in potentially hazardous environments. 

We create these high-capacity cable assemblies to the most precise design detail. Our design team helps build coiled cable assemblies that meet your connection requirements. 

Shielded Cable Assemblies

Cables that operate in electronically busy environments, like server rooms, often need shielding to protect the data they transmit. Shielded cable assemblies help repel and ground the electromagnetic interference of electrical work areas. These cable assemblies can come in many shapes and sizes and have limitless applications in communications, broadcast media, industrial, or other industries. 

We create our shielded cable assemblies to help protect and defend against lost or corrupted data due to electromagnetic interference. We make high-capacity shielded cable assemblies to work for any equipment and in any environment. 

Unique Features for Custom Cable Assemblies

One of the benefits of creating a custom cable assembly is the unique features you can choose. Our process simplifies adding the design elements you want for your cable project. We are proud of a vast collection of unique options and features for our clients to design a cable solution that meets their connection needs. We employ cutting-edge technology and methods to provide our clients with excellent custom cable assemblies. 

With thousands of options for connectors, conductor sizes, shielding, stranding, and more, we help our clients design the ideal cable assembly for their equipment. 

Custom Connectors

We have the capacity to create custom connectors for nearly any terminal or port. We offer a wide range of connectors to accommodate a myriad of unique equipment and gear. Our clients have the option to choose from our collection of connectors or create something unique for their projects. We take advantage of state-of-the-art manufacturing to create custom cable solutions for any connection issue. 

Whether you need a coaxial cable assembly or a Molex cable option, we have customizable options to make it happen. 

Precise Conductor Size

We custom extrude our conductors to the most precise measurements. The conductor size can significantly affect capacity and performance depending on your cable and equipment. We pull raw materials into ultra-precise conductors to uniquely work for your equipment and custom cable assembly. 

Our design team can help determine the appropriate conductor size for your equipment so you have exactly what you need. Once we’ve established the conductor size you need, we will transform your chosen conductor material into a viable conductor for your project. 

Shielding and Protection

If you operate within an electronically noisy environment, shielding and protection may be vital to your cable assemblies. Shielding can protect your cables from data loss or degradation by repelling and grounding electromagnetic interference. 

We offer multiple options for custom shielding to optimize your cables for your gear and environment. Clients can choose from foil shielding, braided shielding, or combination shielding. We’ll design and create your shielded cable assembly to your exact specifications. 

Jacket and Filler Material

As our clients build their custom cable assemblies, they have the options to choose from various materials for jackets and pillars. Our options include a wide range of materials to optimize your cables and offer protection and unique features. Our design engineers will help create the ideal combination of materials and connectors for your equipment and connection needs. 

Endless Applications and Possibilities

At Meridian Cable, if you can think of it, we can create it. We provide custom cable solutions for industries in every field and focus. We’ve created countless cables for different industries around the world, and we love seeing our cables in nearly every enterprise. 

Medical Cable Assemblies

Medical equipment is often hypersensitive and responsible for critical biological information. We’ve designed custom cable assemblies for medical use to provide reliable, lifesaving intel. Medical cable assemblies often require ultra-precise frequencies and specs. We take great care with every table assembly we create and pay close attention to the details. When we create medical cable assemblies, we know the importance and responsibility that our cables will bear. We build medical cables to the most exacting detail so that medical professionals can rely on them every time. 


Our cables are literally connecting the world in telecommunication industries. We’ve manufactured numerous telecommunications cable assemblies to operate in electronically noisy environments and provide dependable connections. Telecommunications companies are globally responsible for broadcasting information and communication. 

We often design telecommunication cable assemblies with high-capacity performance and durability. The data transmitted through telecommunication cable assemblies require dependable, durable cables. We build our cables to raise the challenge. Our cables provide dependable connections for server rooms, telecommunication centers, and offices around the world. 

Automated Industrial Manufacturing 

Modern manufacturing is a massive endeavor of complicated machinery and cables. Industrial cable assemblies are used in every factory and manufacturing facility. These cable assemblies connect equipment, communicate from industrial switchboards and power manufacturing gear, and operate automated assembly lines. We often design these cable assemblies to be used in harsh industrial environments. 

Defense and Aerospace

Defense and aerospace engineering companies utilize cable assemblies to power their equipment and transmit data between locations. Aerospace and defense cable assemblies must be durable, reliable, and operate at peak performance. Military equipment often requires unique portability and adaptability from their cable assemblies. We create our military cable assemblies to be tough and dependable for those fighting for our freedom. 

Aerospace assembly cables are often used in highly specialized equipment with unique properties. When designing cables for aerospace or avionics equipment, we create them to the most exact detail. Precision and accuracy are pillars of everything we do at Meridian Cable. 

Research and Development

The world of research and development uses ultra-specialized monitors and equipment for scientific research and development. These custom cable assemblies often require unique properties and specialized connections. Our vast array of options comes in handy when creating hyper-custom cable assemblies for scientific research laboratories, chemical companies, or industrial development facilities. We have the unique capacity and design elements to build the ideal cable solution for research and development industries. 

Get Started on a Custom Cable Assembly Project of Your Own

At Meridian Cable,  we design and create excellent custom cable assemblies for every industry and project. You can rely on our engineering team to deliver an excellent product with excellent service. Contact our team to get started on a custom cable assembly project of your own. 

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