cable assembly engineersSince the early 90s, Meridian Cable has been committed to engineering and manufacturing solutions that innovate how we operate. Over the years, we’ve seen our process change and evolve to meet the industry’s challenges and utilize cutting-edge technology to continue improving what we do best. As the technological landscape has drastically increased, we’ve adapted and adopted new engineering and manufacturing methods to stay ahead of the curve. 


We utilize sophisticated equipment to build the perfect cable assemblies and wire harnesses our customers rely on. Our state-of-the-art facilities employ the latest technology for designing, prototyping, and delivering one-of-a-kind cable solutions to industries worldwide. 

Custom Cable Assemblies History

Since we opened our doors, Meridian Cable has been committed to constant improvement. In the technological sector, stagnation is not an option. Therefore, we constantly refine and innovate how we create cable solutions so that we remain in the foreground of industry demands. Our engineers understand that adaptation is necessary to survive in the rapidly progressing tech world. So, we ensure our products are state-of-the-art. 


Meridian has pioneered manufacturing methods that have revolutionized the cable industry, such as custom extrusion processes, unique testing procedures, and sophisticated design programs. By dedicating ourselves to progress, we have not only kept up with technology but engineered it. As the tech world progresses, we remain leaders and innovators, connecting the world around us. 

Using Cutting-Edge Technology for Cable Assemblies

The right tools make all the difference in custom cable assembly manufacturing. Our manufacturing facilities utilize the best and latest equipment while creating our products. Our engineers employ a wide variety of fully-automated, semi-automated, and hand tools to custom-build each product. Because we offer a myriad of products and custom solutions, our facilities house an impressive array of production machinery. 


Listing each manufacturing tool would be arduous at best, so here are a few of the larger pieces we utilize: 


  • Extrusion lines 
  • Wire drawing machinery 
  • Insulation and jacketing lines
  • Bunching and stranding machines 
  • Taping and shielding equipment 
  • Cutting, termination, and connector machinery 
  • Industrial 3D printers
  • Packaging and coiling apparatuses 
  • Curing ovens 


In order to provide our customers with the best and latest cable assemblies and wire harnesses, we must keep our manufacturing equipment top-of-the-line and up to industry standards. 

Focusing on Customization and Flexible Cable Solutions

A critical aspect of what we do at Meridian Cable is to create entirely customized cable projects. Our ability to provide one-of-a-kind solutions to our customers stems from our innovative adaptability and creative engineering. As technology changes and grows, customization becomes increasingly critical for our customers. So, our ability to supply whatever our clients need sets us apart from off-the-shelf solutions. 


The engineers at Meridian Cable have created modular manufacturing setups that allow our team to produce and reconfigure custom cable assemblies rapidly. This means we can design and craft unique cable systems in relatively little time, even the most particular equipment, like those in the medical field or military applications. If your equipment requires it, our engineering team can create a customized cable solution for you.

Advancements in Quality Control

Ensuring our cables’ reliability, efficacy, and safety is paramount to our team. We understand our cables may be used in any number of critical areas, like hospitals, telecommunications, or aerospace technologies. Therefore, we take the safety and quality of our products very seriously. 


To ensure our cables are reliable, we conduct thorough inspections and examinations before sending the final product. Every wire harness, cable assembly, or connection solution goes through our state-of-the-art testing facility, where we ensure continuity, integrity, polarity and functionality. Thoroughly examining our products helps catch any snags or hiccups before they ever happen. Our team detects flaws and potential safety risks early on in the development stage so our customers can rely on our cables when they need them the most. 

3-D Printing’s Role in Manufacturing Custom Cable Solutions

One of the ways we’ve innovated our production and manufacturing process is by utilizing industrial 3D printers to create custom connectors and casings for our cable assemblies and wire harnesses. Our army of 3D printers helps us to prototype development, build customized cable accessories, create unique features, grow efficiency, and optimize product experimentation. 


Overall, 3D printing has emerged as an invaluable asset for our manufacturing facilities. This incredible technology has infinitely increased the possibilities for custom cable solutions, advanced prototyping, production efficiency, and beyond. This not only increases the opportunity for supply chain flexibility but provides sustainable manufacturing options for the future. 


We believe 3D printing will continue to change the face of cable production, and we are proud to be utilizing this futuristic tech here and now. As this technology progresses, we will continue to engineer innovative solutions to create the best for our customers. 

High Capacity Conductor Extrusion Machinery

At the center of every cable is the all-important conductor. This thin metal line is responsible for transmitting data, electricity, and signals. The conductor size is an essential component of its functionality and transmission capacity. So, it’s essential for eExtrusion machines to be precise when stretching conductors to the appropriate gauge. 


At Meridian, we utilize advanced extrusion machinery to accurately size every conductor we extrude. We operate using high-capacity machinery that is regularly calibrated and serviced to ensure precision and efficiency. Our custom extrusion machinery gives us the ability to build the ideal solution for your equipment, environment, and connection needs. Our equipment can transform raw lines of conductor materials into perfectly extruded wires in no time. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can ensure consistent quality for our customers.

Automation and Precision Production

Automation has revolutionized every production industry across the world, and cable manufacturing is no different. Meridian engineers have embraced automation and utilized it to increase production efficiency, ensure quality control, and innovate our process. While we use a range of automated machinery for manufacturing, we also rely heavily on the human touch. 


By integrating automation with manual manufacturing, we can take advantage of the best of both worlds. While the automated machinery decreases production time, our skilled workers have their hands on every cable solution to ensure quality. 


We’ve integrated this blend of manufacturing methods into every stage of the production process, including stripping, cutting, extruding, and material handling. While the innovative technology in production automation has performed remarkably well, we believe our experienced team brings something to the table that automation cannot: human intuition. 

Enhanced Materials and Formulation 

Our engineers are consistently creating unique solutions utilizing the best available materials to enhance the performance and capabilities of our products. Currently, we offer over 5,000 unique components and materials to choose from when creating your custom cable assembly or wire harness. We’re constantly adding new materials to our inventory to provide additional durability, enhanced electrical conductivity, and security measures. 


Of course, since we began in the ’90s, much has changed in cable manufacturing. Nowadays, there are more available materials for conductors, shielding, jackets, terminals, and more. As these materials have surfaced, we have put them to use in cable solutions around the world to enhance our products’ capabilities and ensure our customers’ satisfaction. As material solutions change, our engineers will continue to innovate and employ advanced materials to build top-notch products. 

Data-Driven Analysis and Forward-Thinking

The physical nature of our manufacturing and engineering solutions is not the only thing that has changed. As technology progresses, we are constantly increasing our library of data-driven analysis and industry trends to remain forerunners in cable technology. Integrating solutions from data analysis, artificial intelligence, and updated industry principles is transforming how we operate and manufacture our products. We use data-driven insight to optimize production, increase efficiency, and create consistent quality.


Our team has on-the-ground insight into real-time progress as we continue to employ analytic procedures. This allows us to be forward-thinking about potential maintenance needs, industry trends, and technological advancements. Our data-driven solutions lead to higher-quality products, more efficient production, reduced costs, and electrical connection advancements.

Engineered Seamless Integration

As we elevate our processes and manufacturing, we continue to design cable solutions for seamless integration. We serve a range of industries with diverse equipment. In many cases, one-size-fits-all solutions will not meet the demands of specialized equipment. That’s why we help design custom products that integrate with your equipment directly. Our brilliant engineering team creates a solution for your system and connection necessities. 


The culmination of our engineering and manufacturing progress is in the customized cable assemblies and wire harnesses we create. Because we constantly innovate, our team possesses the skills and creativity to build the ideal solution for your unique and specialized gear. 

Trust Our Engineers With Your Connection Solutions

We’ve utilized the latest in manufacturing and engineering solutions to provide countless customers with high-quality custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses worldwide. Our remarkable team of engineers are at the top of their field when it comes to design innovation, production efficiency, and data-driven analysis. 

Have a cable idea of your own? Our team is here to help. Let our designers create a one-of-a-kind solution for you. Get in touch with our team to get started.

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