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custom coil cables

custom coil cables


Custom Coil Cables

If you’re in the market for custom coil cables, consider asking your manufacturer if coiled cabling is an option for your product. Custom coiled cable has many key benefits that other types of wire cable simply can’t offer. These cords are capable of being bent, pulled on or twisted during everyday use. Traditional straight cable cannot handle this level of stress without bending and eventually causing metal fatigue. Coil cords are made with this in mind, and their protective plastic jacketing prevents this type of wear and tear.

img-icon-interfaceBecause coiled cords can hold up to these rough conditions, they are often ideal for use on construction sites or other industrial areas. While we tend to think of these cords as being rather thin, and the ones used in corded phones typically are, they can be manufactured to carry higher voltages or multiple signals to accommodate heavy duty usage. These cords are also suited for portable equipment, like cameras and sound equipment, where long cords are easily tangled. An additional benefit is that because of their spring-like nature, coil cords don’t have to be tediously rolled up to prevent snags and impossible knots like traditional cables do.

This type of cord can be custom manufactured to carry more than just electrical currents, though. Custom cable can be filled with wire that can transmit anything from electricity for powered tools to data and signal in the telecommunications industry.

This type of custom cabling can even:

  • House fillers to retain the cord’s shape
  • Be jacketed in materials that are resistant to UV rays
  • Have Teflon or other strengthening agents added to the jacketing material to make them cut resistant

These are just a few of the benefits of custom cables, but you can see how working with a manufacturer opens up a wealth of additional materials that can be added to your product’s design. To avoid waste and save money in the production process, it’s important that you work with a manufacturer who will look into these details to assess your exact needs as a cable customer. Each project has its own unique set of specifications that must be addressed to manufacture the best cabling cord for your product’s demands.

If you need a custom designed coil, contact the Meridian Team.

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