Last December Meridian Cable sales rep Emily Mierzejewski received an urgent request from a product designer for assistance in developing and producing a UL-certified coil cord prototype. The designer needed the coil cord prototype in place for an April product launch of a new line of power-free, height-adjustable workspace furniture. The coil cord was an integral part of the furniture design. This meant development, production and coil cord delivery had to be expedited.

Custom coil cord design is usually a collaborative effort between customers and Meridian engineers. A customer details project specifications and then Meridian engineers work with them to produce a technical drawing of the coil cord, as well as desired plugs and connectors. The drawings detail cable gauge, diameter, coating material, etc.

In this case, the customer already had a technical drawing of the coil cord needed as part of the larger furniture design, so Meridian engineers only had to review the drawing and ensure its feasibility. “The cable cord needed for this project was actually fairly big,” explains Mierzejewski. “The customer knew he needed a sturdy cable cord with a certain amount of resistance.” During the specification process, the engineers also suggested some alternate connectors that would be more effective within the design and more cost efficient.

In the interest of time, the customer decided to forego the customary practice of getting a few prototype samples upfront and asked for an initial small run instead. So Meridian built a mold, extruded the cable and fitted the coil cord with the required connectors. Then each coil cord was tested and inspected for quality. Delivery of the finished coil cords arrived just in time to be fitted into the furniture before their commercial debut.

About Coiled Cords

Coiled cords are straight cables with curly sections incorporated within them. Typically used as an alternative to straight cables, cable cords are used in situations where a compact cord with the ability to expand and retract is needed. Coil cords offer the flexibility to fit into smaller spaces without becoming tangled or knotted.

About Meridian Cable LLC

Meridian Cable LLC is a custom cable assembly and coiled cords manufacturer, specializing in engineering and design work for custom applications. Meridian Cable extrudes its own cable and can provide completed cable assemblies according to customer requirements. Meridian Cable is based in St. Augustine, Fla., where it will soon have a U.S. manufacturing facility. Currently Meridian Cable manufactures in Tianjin, China. For more information, please visit or call 1-866-866-0544.

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