3 D printer helps create cable assemblies in houseThe rise of 3D printing has revolutionized how the world looks at manufacturing. For cable assembly production, 3D printing represents the widening world, a possibility for customization, sustainability, and production quality. Meridian Cable has embraced and expounded on the opportunities opened by harnessing 3D printing technology. We’ve implemented advanced 3D printing into our production standards across our locations


Whether it’s for conductor housing or molded components, 3D printing is the way of the future for custom cable assembly production. However, it’s in cable assembly prototyping where 3D printing really shines. Because of the convenience and customizability 3D printing provides, prototyping is now a lot easier. Today, we’ll dive into how 3D printing revolutionizes our cable assembly prototyping and can benefit your business. 

The Future of Cable Assembly Prototyping

It’s true that 3D printing has been a game-changer for producing custom cable assembly components. Gone are the days when our molded components and custom conductor housing must be painstakingly crafted, sometimes adding weeks to manufacturing time. Our army of 3D printers has ramped up production time, increasing our ability to deliver custom prototype cable assemblies faster than ever before. 


Fortunately, 3D printing technology has exploded within the past few years, making leaps and bounds in productivity and efficiency. This increase in efficiency opens the possibility for a bright future for our products to be even more customizable and, of course, produced more rapidly. 


While others sat on the fence about embracing 3D printing in their manufacturing process, we fully embraced it and placed ourselves on The cutting edge of innovation. Our outstanding engineers remain thought leaders, looking toward the future of cable assembly production and prototyping. For Meridian, that future lies within the advancements in 3D printing. We’re proud to be a leading global cable manufacturer, supplying the world with high-quality cable assemblies and prototypes that get the job done. 

Benefits of 3D Printing in Custom Cable Assembly Prototyping

The perks of 3D printing for cable assembly prototypes have broad appeal to us as cable manufacturers. From time savings to customizability, 3D printing presents countless benefits for our production facilities. So, what makes 3D printing such a game-changing innovation in our prototype production? Let’s get into it.


  1. Lightning-Fast Turnaround Time

First and foremost, production speed is one of the most beneficial and practical perks of 3D printing. This technology allows us to bring a cable assembly prototype from concept to physical form in less time. By drastically decreasing our production time of cable assembly prototypes, our team can deliver a physical product with an unbelievably quick turnaround time


When we’re creating cable assembly prototypes for our clients, we understand the urgency and importance of getting them to you in a timely manner. 3D printing our prototypes allows us to deliver a test-ready product as quickly as possible. While we maintain a commitment to quick turnaround times for all our clients, we recognize the urgency for industries requiring ultrafast production, like the military or medical fields. Innovations in 3D printing enable us to provide a prototype to integrate with these systems so you can get right to your important work. 


Of course, the other aspect of quick delivery is the ability to make alterations and adjustments when needed. Because we saved time on the front end, our team of engineers can help make adjustments as needed, providing our clients with total confidence in their prototype. 

  1. Flexibility is the Name of the Game

Traditional production methods often require time and expense, with specialized tooling, molds, and more. Rather than a specialized mold for each component, 3D printing enables our manufacturing process to create countless designs with a single piece of equipment. This increases our ability to deliver completely custom components for cable assembly prototypes with ease. 


Each cable assembly prototype we create is unique with specific configurations. With 3D printing designs, our team can develop the precise prototype components your cable assembly needs for your specialized equipment. Rather than creating specialized molds for each element, our 3D printers can create the exact housing or molded component for your terminals and connections. 

  1. Precision Craftsmanship

Who doesn’t love the fine details of a work of art? When we have three different cable assembly prototypes, we view it as an art form. The intricate details of each connection, molding, shape, purpose, and terminal combine in unique ways to create something remarkable. In some ways, each cable assembly prototype is like a work of art, unique and precise. When we employ our 3D printing capabilities, your prototype can be made to the most exact detail. 


When everything works the way it should, the minute details of a successful cable assembly prototype are not often taken into consideration. However, if one of these small details is amiss, you’ll notice right away. When we create a prototype, it’s essential we get every detail right within the design and 3D printed materials. The slightest mistake could lead to disrupted signals, equipment damage, or data loss. So, we understand the importance of the little details and why they matter. That’s why we appreciate the precision of our 3D printing capabilities. Every shielding element, filler material, conductor, and connection must be ultra-precise to produce a reliable cable assembly prototype consistently. 

  1. Cost Effectiveness

Let’s not forget about the importance of cost-effectiveness when producing custom prototype cable assemblies. Because they’re a prototype, it’s essential to keep costs as low as possible, making it a valuable product that our customers can rely on to not break the bank. If a prototype is created as cost-effectively as possible, we can pass those savings on to our customers, saving them the headache of blowing their budget. 


Additionally, creating a cable assembly prototype using 3D printing allows our customers to enjoy a stress-free experience with their prototype. With the potential cost savings of 3D printing, your prototype can demonstrate the most cost effective means for bringing a cable assembly to life. From finding the right combination of materials to the proper lead times, utilizing 3D printing in the prototyping stage helps our engineers see how the total process comes together. 


The budget-friendly aspects of 3D printing provide some room in the budget for exploring options with your prototype. Incorporating time and cost savings throughout the project is how our team delivers on-time and on-budget cable solutions time and again for even our most discerning clients.  

  1. The Sky’s the Limit

The brilliant thing about 3D printing is the limitless capabilities it provides. This means our clients can specify their exact cable assembly requirements and we can bring it all together in real time to test which methodology works best. The total customization that 3D printing offers gives our clients the ability to dream big with their cable assemblies and push the limits of what we think is possible. Of course, we leave most of the Innovation to our engineering team. After all, they’re the ones with the experience as thought leaders when it comes to cable assembly production. 


3D printing provides endless possibilities, from a revolutionary new connector to customizable housing. When true innovation pushes progress, our 3D printing capabilities enable us to forge the trail. 

  1. Fast Failures Lead to Faster Successes 

The road is not always straightforward as we press towards creating custom cable assembly prototypes. When those road bumps occur, 3D printing enables the ability to reconfigure and retry. With 3D printing, a failed component isn’t the end of the world. Instead, it’s an opportunity to improve faster than traditional manufacturing methods allow. 


Additionally, with our multiple 3D printing units, we have the capability to print numerous design iterations at a time. This gives us flexibility in testing various configurations and components at once rather than creating each one individually. This increase is our flexibility and production speed, meaning you get a reliable cable assembly prototype faster. 

Meridian’s Commitment to Quality

Since 1994, Meridian Cable has been a leading manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, and custom connection solutions. Our dedicated staff remains committed to innovating the world of cable production through new technologies and game-changing advancements. Throughout our history, we have prioritized excellence, precision, and reliability for our products. When we had the chance to guide our industry into the future using 3D printers, we were eager to embrace the possibilities. 


Our dedication to quality remains as strong as ever. With multiple UL certifications, a proud history of innovation, and full-scale production capabilities, we have a reputation to live up to. When we 3D print prototype custom cable assembly components, we infuse our dedication to high-quality, reliable products in every build. We know 3D printing is the future of cable manufacturing, yet we’ve only scratched the surface of its potential. As technology progresses, you can bet our engineers will be leading the charge and continuously innovating to create some of the best custom cable assembly prototypes in the world. 


Got a creative idea for a custom cable assembly prototype of your own? Our team would love to help. Contact our team to get started designing and creating a prototype for your custom cable assembly project. 

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