OEM Wire Harness Manufacturing

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) wire harnesses are the backbone of countless industries around the world. Supplying a centralized interconnective system that powers, communicates, and transmits, OEM wire Harnesses play a pivotal role in functionality and efficiency.    OEM wire harnesses are specifically designed to function within the original manufacturer’s parameters. These intricate assemblies require extreme…

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Dissecting Custom Cable Fabrication: Conductors, Insulation, & Shielding

As one of the leading manufacturers of custom cable assemblies, and wire harnesses, our team knows a thing or two about cable structures and the importance of the little details. Over our years in the industry, we’ve learned the key to reliable and high-performance cables rests in their design. While every cable can be customized…

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cable assembly engineers

Custom Cable Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions

Since the early 90s, Meridian Cable has been committed to engineering and manufacturing solutions that innovate how we operate. Over the years, we’ve seen our process change and evolve to meet the industry’s challenges and utilize cutting-edge technology to continue improving what we do best. As the technological landscape has drastically increased, we’ve adapted and…

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Custom Coaxial Cable close up

Types of Coaxial Cables

You’ve likely heard about coaxial cables. While cable TV may be the first thing that comes to mind, coaxial cables have a diverse range of functions and use. As a versatile and durable cable, coaxials are the backbone of various industries around the world.    Since 1994, Meridian Cable has been an innovator in creating…

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custom wire harnesses

The Power of Possibilities in Custom Wire Harness Fabrication

Meridian Cable has been a custom cable assembly and wire harness production powerhouse since 1994. We’ve come a long way since the 90s, though. In today’s society of advanced technology, we’ve adapted to create highly intricate electrical systems to service a vast range of industries worldwide.    Custom wire harnesses play a critical role in…

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Wire Harnesses Design

Meridian Cable: A Reliable Source for Custom Cable Assemblies & Wire Harness Manufacturing

Meridian Cable has been a reliable source of custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses since 1994. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing methods to create custom connection solutions for industries around the world. Our experience, attention to detail, skills, and outstanding team members work together to develop high-quality cable assemblies for our clients.  Here are…

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cable assembly engineers at work in our St. Augustine location

Custom Cable Assemblies: Explore Different Types, Features, & Applications

Custom cable assemblies come in all shapes and sizes. At Meridian Cable, we are proficient in creating and designing unique cable solutions for a wide range of industries. Our cables help the world connect, power, communicate, and operate facilities and equipment in every industrial sector. The custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses we design have…

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custom cable assemblies

Custom Cable Applications and Engineering Solutions

For over 25 years, Meridian Cable has been a forerunner in creating custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses. We design and create remarkable cable solutions for industries around the world. Our team works directly with our clients to design and build completely custom cable projects from the ground up. With our expertise and experience, we…

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Custom Cables for Prototyping

Special Purpose Cable Assemblies

As one of the leading manufacturers in the custom cable assembly industry, Meridian Cable has seen its fair share of industry applications for our products. We’ve built cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and more for nearly every purpose and field. Creating a product from the ground up means we are able to make it completely customized…

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rf cable assemblies

What are the Different Types of RF Cable Assemblies?

Even though you have probably seen a radio frequency (RF) cable before, you might not know what you are looking at. Though they are commonly referred to as coaxial cables, RF cables, and RF cable assemblies can be used in slightly different ways than standard coaxial cables. In fact, several different types of RF cables…

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