3 Reasons Why Coil Cords are Important in a Wireless World

Coil cords are everywhere, from the back of a semi truck, to a camera’s flash strobe to the arcade games where you manipulate a claw to pick up a toy. Coil cords are used in a wide variety of industries too. Coiled cables are used by the medical industry, security industry and industrial control industry…

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Molded Cables: What You Need To Know

Molded Cables: The Facts Molded cables are extremely important but are rarely noticed by those using them. According to Meridian Cable’s owner and resident molded cable assemblies expert Bud Kinzalow, though they can be small, these cables serve large and important purposes. Molded cables derive their name from the fact that plastic is typically molded…

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Diving into the World of Spiral Cables

Spiral cables, also known as curly cords, are those cords with a distinct spiral or curly shape that can be found anywhere from mobile cell phone car chargers to heart defibrillators. According to cable assembly expert and Meridian Cable owner Bud Kinzalow, “spiral cables connect two devices where one or both need to move with…

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Everything You Need To Know About Curly Cords

Curly Cords Basics Curly cords can be found everywhere, from your cell phone car charger to simple key chains from the convenience store. According to Bud Kinzalow, cable assembly expert and owner of Meridian Cable, “Curly cords connect two devices where one or both of them need to move relative to the other.” Curly cords…

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Coil Cords – Physical Shape and Performance

Recently Meridian Cable was approached by a medical device company to solve a “spring” problem.  The medical company’s device weighs about 1 pound and will be connected to a patient via a coiled cord.  The medical company wanted the device to stay put when the cable was extended 5 inches, however they didn’t want the…

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Coiled Cords Advanced Life Testing

We have all seen them, those curly wires that are used to connect things and stretch like a spring.  Coil cords are found in garage doors, your cell phone car charger, defibrillator paddles and simple key chains.  Coil cords are a great way to attach two items where one or both need to move.  Whatever…

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