Our Saint Augustine cable assemblies facility

Meridian Cable is proud to announce a major milestone in the life of our company. We are celebrating ten years of quality custom cable assembly manufacturing, making the world more connected for a solid decade. As we look back on the last ten rotations around the sun, we’ve come a long way from 2014. 


From the day we opened our doors to reaching a decade of quality cable manufacturing in the United States, our vision has been to innovate the custom cable industry and lead the world in creating high-quality connections. We’re excited to reflect on the past ten years and look forward to future decades. 

The Road to a Decade of Custom Cable Manufacturing in the US

Reaching this significant milestone was anything but easy. Our custom cable manufacturing company has experienced its fair share of bumps in the road, trials, and tribulations. Although we were founded in 1986 with our hearts full of ambition and excitement, ten years later, we decided to close our US-based doors and focus on our facilities abroad. 


Fortunately, our closure was not permanent, and we reopened our St Augustine, FL factory and design center in 2014. In the nearly 20 years between our State-side facilities, our team grew to become forerunners in our industry. Soaring to new heights and expanding our process, we hit the ground running upon reopening our operating center in Florida. 


Since reopening our USA-based facility, we’ve seen remarkable progress toward our original vision of connecting the world through quality custom cable assemblies. After ten wonderful years of manufacturing in the United States, Meridian is a leading provider of custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and more. 

Our Florida Custom Cable Assembly Facility

We planted ourselves in St Augustine, Florida, to enjoy the year-round warm weather, local history, and fertile opportunities for growth and connections it offers. Beyond the pleasant weather conditions, our Florida factory provides a myriad of opportunities for innovation and full-scale cable assembly design. With over 7,000 sq ft to work with, our engineers and fabricators have plenty of elbow room to craft and create top-notch connection solutions. 


In our state-of-the-art St Augustine location, we utilize cutting-edge technology to design, prototype, produce, and ship our products. Over the past ten years, we’ve grown this facility into a fully operational cable creation machine with the latest automation technology. 


We’re celebrating ten years of being a USA cable manufacturer. Over the last decade, we built our Florida facility to house our design center, state-of-the-art testing lab, and a massive manufacturing floor. You need plenty of room to move around when you build custom cables from the conductor out. Fortunately, our St Augustine facility has just that and offers every innovation our overseas operations provide, including: 



As the decade has passed, our capabilities have scaled with our facility. We’re proud to be manufacturing a top-of-the-line facility with all the comforts of home and Innovations of tomorrow.

Being Close to Home Has Its Perks

Operating an innovation-leading cable production facility is no small feat, let alone for ten years. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of our St Augustine, Florida manufacturing facility. Meridian made the most of its advantageous location by taking advantage of local opportunities, rich history, and developmental promise. 


Working close to home, our Florida facility is ideally positioned for logistical success with easy access to key markets across the United States and the Americas. With access to major ports, strategic ground transportation routes, and a short jaunt to air shipping facilities, our customers enjoy our accessibility and quick turnaround times. 


As a business-friendly state, Florida plays a significant role in our decision to open our facility in St Augustine. This mutually beneficial relationship with our state enables us to invest in the local community, becoming a champion for the local economy. Though we’ve pulled our experts from all over, we love the diverse opportunities available at our US-based location.


Florida is the perfect blend of robust infrastructure, advanced technology, and relationship-driven opportunities. We adore being a part of a state that values business infrastructure while taking care of the consumers. Over the past ten years, we’ve enjoyed the fertile ground for the growth and innovation that our Florida facility provides. 

The Intimate Relationship Between Engineer and Project

Another perk we’ve enjoyed over the past decade is our engineers’ close relationship with each project. Because our design engineering team operates within our St Augustine facility, they have access to each project every step of the way. This proximity allows our experts to ensure quality manufacturing throughout the fabrication process with hands-on scrutiny.


Because our expert engineers operate within the same area as our fabricators, they form a symbiotic relationship between their expertise and each project. That intimate collaboration with our manufacturing teams ensures each custom cable assembly is created to the highest standard and inspected to the smallest detail. 


Throughout the manufacturing process, the design engineers exercise their intimate understanding of each project’s design, necessities, and quality. Their proximity to the building process fosters constant communication between teams and enables us to produce reliable connection solutions for our customers.


Furthermore, since our engineers are intimately familiar with each project’s details, they can catch errors before they happen. This meticulous supervision keeps our production times low and our products in good standing. Our engineers strive for perfection, and being in our US-based facility allows them to get pretty darn close. 

Driven by Innovation

The past ten years have been a season of technological advancement in manufacturing. However, we’re not content to keep up with the rapidly evolving landscape. Instead, we’ve vowed to remain on the front lines of manufacturing innovation and cable production. Our experts are the best in the field and are driven by innovation to stay ahead of the curve, pushing the limits of what’s possible. 


Our customers have unique needs and requirements, so we’ve adapted our process to pivot on a dime to meet their exact specifications. We created custom products, manufacturing procedures, and Innovative technology to provide the connection solutions our customers rely on daily. 


After ten years as a US cable manufacturer, we’ve made advancements in our process, research, and development to leverage the latest technology and equipment in our production facility. We stay at the forefront of innovation to continuously exceed our client’s expectations and set ourselves apart from the competition. 

Growing Our Team Over 10 Years

As you’d expect, our team has changed and grown over the past ten years. As manufacturing has scaled, we’ve ramped up our staff and padded it with the best of the best. Our group of expert engineers, quality control specialists, transportation aficionados, production managers, and fabricators have proven their worth time and time again. Though we may have had just a few names on our staff list ten years ago, we’ve built our team to new heights, evolving and adapting to every challenge. 


We have the joy of working with the most incredible team on the planet. Everyone from sales to operations brings their unique talents and skills to the table. With the best and the brightest on our side, Meridian leads the industry in creativity, innovation, quality, and reliability. The oldest is possible because of our fantastic, dynamic team. 


We’re proud of our US-based staff and their accomplishments over the last decade. We can’t wait to see what they’ll do in the future and the new heights to which they’ll soar. 

Expansion and Future Growth

After ten years of manufacturing custom cable products in the US, you might think we’ve done all that can be done in our industry. However, we are nowhere near finished. As thought leaders, we get antsy after sitting too long. We are not content to sit back and relax after ten years of innovation, so we promise to expand and continue our pursuit of advancement. We believe progress ceases when we become stagnant, so we press on toward our future growth and look forward to the coming decades. 


We’ve experienced and brought about incredible growth over the last ten years and plan to continue our Progressive trajectory. While no one knows the future, we are excited to see it unfold. Our clients can expect great things from Meridian Cable in the future decades, and we hope you’ll be with us every step of the way. 

Celebrate with Us

On behalf of everyone here at Meridian Cable, thank you for ten wonderful years of being a quality US-based cable manufacturer. As we look to the bright future, we know we couldn’t do it without our loyal clients and customers worldwide. So, for the last decade and the decades to come, thank you. 

If you’d like to work with us on your next cable project,
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