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As a leader in the production of custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses, Meridian Cable is honored to be in locations around the globe. One of our facilities is located in historic Saint Augustine, Florida, where we design, test, build and distribute top-tier cable solutions for our clients.

For years, our facility in Saint Augustine has provided custom cable solutions for countless industries and applications. Here, we’ll deep dive into the capabilities of our US-based facility.

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History of Meridian

Looking to our past is how we chart our future as a leader in custom cable and wire harness solutions. Meridian cable has decades of experience in crafting cable assemblieswire harnessesflat-ribbon cable assemblies, and more. When we first began, we had the vision to create a world-class cable manufacturing company. We set out to have locations in multiple nations to best serve our customers. We saw this vision come to fruition when we had our facility in China, as well as our US-based operations.

Unfortunately, in 1999, we had to close our facility in the United States and focus on our manufacturing centers abroad. This period was a great time of growth and renewal for our business while we continued to supply our products to companies around the world.

In 2014, after nearly 15 years of growing into an industrial powerhouse, Meridian opened its doors in the United States once again. We chose to base our US facility in historic Saint Augustine, Florida, where we can enjoy the warmer climate all year round. Since then, Meridian has continued to be committed to supporting the growth of our community.

Our Commitment to Innovation

Over the past several decades, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best custom cable solutions for our customers. We feel that the best way to serve our clients is to couple quality craftsmanship led by innovative advancement. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological advancement by constantly rethinking the way we do things.

Our Saint Augustine facility allows us to remain on the cutting edge of technology while remaining close to home. We love that we can explore new methods of product creation in our state-of-the-art facility in the United States. With just over 7,000 square feet of workable space, the creative design possibilities are nearly endless.
Over the course of the last several years, Meridian’s location in Saint Augustine has seen some dramatic changes and massive leaps in tech advancement. Not only has our process gotten more refined but also more cost-effective as well. With the rise of 3D printing, digital design software, and remarkable production equipment, our company has run head-first into the modern era of manufacturing.

Engineering, Design, Creation, Results

cable assembly engineers at work in our St. Augustine location


Within our facility, we can completely engineer, design, test, build, and distribute almost every custom order we get. When it comes to cable assemblies in Saint Augustine, Meridian Cable is genuinely an all-in-one facility.

From our Saint Augustine location, we work directly with our clients to create the ideal cable solution to their problems. From the first contact, our goal is to build a lasting relationship by providing personalized care and attention to the details of your needs.


  • Communication: Our in-house engineering team will collaborate with you on the particular needs of your cable assembly or wire harness. Once the design phase is complete, our team can create a prototype of your project and move it to our testing area.
  • Design: Our impressive design process can take your cable solution from concept to complete product. In fact, 70% of the cable assemblies we build are designed by our team.
  • Full-scale Production: Our in-house abilities do not end with design, though. Because of our use of 3D printing and new production tech, we are able to produce nearly everything we need in our location in Florida. This means that we can build a prototype and have it in the testing stage before you know it. Our rapid production time is all thanks to our incredible team and our remarkable use of cutting-edge technology. Once the prototype/testing for your cable assembly is complete, we are ready to move into the production phase of the process. Fortunately, we have all that we need to produce most orders under our own roof and can get started right away.
  • Consistency: We keep the designs on record and can easily produce and reproduce even the most unique of orders. Our team works hard to get approved prototypes through production and to distribution as quickly as possible. Though a larger order can take several weeks to produce, you can rest assured knowing that your cables and wires will be held to the most stringent quality standards.

The ultimate end of our design and production is that you receive a quality product that gets results. Right here, in Florida, we build reliable cable assemblies, wire harnesses, molded components, and more. We deliver on what we promise and strive to develop cable solutions you can always depend on.

Commitment to Community

From the very beginning, Meridian has had a passion for quality and community. Throughout our history, we have strived to create products that not only work well but help industries that are vital to society. With our cable assemblies and wire harness being used in fields like medical technology, military, telecommunications, and countless others, we are connecting the world, one cable at a time.

We take pride in knowing that when we build cable assemblies in Saint Augustine, we are building a product that helps more than just our home turf but works for the global community. Whether our products are used to connect industrial computers to their equipment or to connect a heart monitor, the products we make within our Saint Augustine facility serve in many important roles in the US and across the globe.

Here, in historic Saint Agustine, we work to build our community by creating hundreds of jobs in a wide range of positions. From our production team to our in-house engineering, Meridian provides a myriad of occupational opportunities to the Saint Augustine area. We are honored to have some of the best team members in the world working with us. We owe all of our success and results to the top-notch crew that we have under us.

Why Engineer Cables in Saint Augustine?

When we were deciding where to re-open our US-based facility, there were only a few possible candidates. Ultimately we settled on Saint Augustine, Florida, and could not be more pleased with our decision. From the pleasant weather all year round to the history of the settlement, Saint Augustine is ripe with benefits for our production facility.

Rich History

Saint Augustine is located near the Eastern coast of Florida and is known for its historical significance. As the oldest “continuously occupied settlements in the United States,” the town itself is a marvel in its own right. In the heart of downtown stands the sixteenth-century fort of Castillo de San Marcos. The streets of Saint Augustine have been occupied since Spanish settlers made their homestead there in 1565.

The cobblestone streets speak to the history and age of the settlement that has now become a center for lively music, food, and celebrations of all kinds. Today, visitors from around the world have journeyed to take in the history, sights, and sea-soaked aromas that waft from every corner of the historic city.

The historical significance of Saint Augustine speaks to the ever-present determination to endure and thrive. From the settlement in the 16th century to the idyllic thriving community that it is today, Saint Augustine has demonstrated its tenacity and resilience time and time again.

The Way Forward

With such a rich history within the city, it was a natural choice for our US-based operations. What better way to align ourselves with the spirit of innovation and longevity than to be located in a city that has stood the test of time?

Just as the early Spanish settlers had to build Saint Augustine from the ground up and innovate a new way of life, Meridian Cable has innovated new methods for quality cable production. We are working to usher in a new era of cable assemblies in Saint Augustine and will continue to grow, build, and innovate for the betterment of our community.

The Whole Process in One Place

One of the wonders of our Saint Augustine facility is that we now have the ability to perform the complete production process under one roof. Within our 7,000-square-foot facility, we can work on a project from design to distribution.

As cable assemblies, overmolds, and wire harnesses make their journey from concept to completion, they remain within our capable hands the entire time.

Look to Meridian for your Cable Assemblies in Saint Augustine

When you start the hunt for cable solutions or wire harnesses, look no further than Meridian Cable. Whether you are local to Sat Augustine or across the globe, we will create the right solution for your cable needs. Contact us today to get started.