Custom Telecommunication Cable Manufacturer

telecom cable assemblies

Your Premier Telecommunication Cable Assembly Manufacturer. Cable assemblies made for telecommunications are becoming increasingly complex and being expected to handle ever-greater data, power, and signal transfer. Being able to plug into an existing system seamlessly is what our team does best. No matter what type of assembly you need, our expertise, equipment, and capability to…

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Other Industries

custom cable assemblies

Because our product range is so versatile, Meridian Cable serves a wide range of industries from automotive and broadcasting to energy. Our expansive industry knowledge and design experience lets us adapt and customize products as needed to industry-specific requirements. With more than 5,000 existing tools for connectors, junctions, overmolds and housings, chances are we already…

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Custom Industrial Control Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Wire Harnesses and Wire Assemblies

At Meridian, we’re all about designing and producing some of the very best custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses on the market today. We do this with a near fanatic level of quality built into each aspect of the manufacturing process. This is especially true of our efforts as a custom industrial control cable assembly…

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Custom Military Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Military Cable Assemblies Banner

Custom Military Assemblies & Wire Harnesses Design Custom military cable assemblies and wire harnesses have to be made in strict compliance with Military Specification (MILSPEC) requirements. For defense contractors, acquisition and contract managers, and other military purchasing agents, Meridian’s custom cables are made to fit the specific demands of each project. Our team holds unique…

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Custom Medical Cable Manufacturer & Design

cable assemblies - Medical devices for ultrasound

Working with Teflon and Silicone, Meridian makes custom cable assemblies for medical devices. And whether you need ‘safety jacks,’ bio-sensitive connectors or cable breakouts for your medical applications, we have the experience, the tooling and a full complement of process capabilities to create the cable assemblies you need. Contact Meridian Cable to learn more about our…

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