Custom Molex Cable Assemblies

molex cables

Building custom Molex cable assemblies requires attention to detail and a commitment to quality. At Meridian Cable, we design and manufacture Molex cable assemblies to the most precise detail. Our design team works directly with you to create the ideal cable solution for your project. As a leading cable manufacturer in the world, we have…

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Custom Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Custom Coaxial Cable close up

Over the last 25 years, Meridian Cable has been a leading provider of custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and more. Our commitment to quality and high-end materials makes our cables superior to an off-the-shelf cable solution. We apply these standards to everything we do, including our custom coaxial cable assemblies. We pay attention to ultra-fine…

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RF Cable Assemblies

rf cable assemblies

One thing is sure when creating top-notch, UL-certified RF cable assemblies: attention to the smallest details matters. For over 25 years, Meridian Cable has been committed to quality manufacturing standards and to attending to the finest details. We’ve got some of the most brilliant minds in the industry on our in-house engineering team to help…

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Custom Shielded Cable Assemblies

shielded cable

Custom cable assemblies that are used to transmit data are especially vulnerable to interference from heavily electronic environments. It is essential to protect cable assemblies from electromagnetic interference (EMI) through the use of shielded cable assemblies. Shielded cable assemblies are used in a number of different fields and can be extremely useful in protecting data.…

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SMA Cable Assemblies

SMA Connector for RF Signals

Meridian Cable designs and produces custom SMA connector cable assemblies for the exacting standards of industries like the Health and Medical fields and the Military. With decades of experience as a custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer, we’re able to bring your project from the very first design concept all the way through volume…

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Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

colorful ribbon cables

One of the many customizable cable assemblies that Meridian Cable manufactures are flat ribbon cable assemblies. Flat ribbon cable assemblies are extremely useful cable groupings that are both efficient and cost-effective. Found in many forms of devices, flat ribbon cable assemblies are versatile and capable. Also known as flat cable assemblies, planar assemblies, and flat…

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Custom Wire Harness

how custom wire harnesses are made

Custom Wire Harness Manufacturer – It’s Who We Are Wiring harnesses are the crucial workhorses of our modern, connected society. These marvels of advanced engineering require many hours of precise design, production, and testing in order to provide our clients with a solution that works—no matter what. At Meridian, high-quality, custom wire harness assemblies is…

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Custom Coil Cord Manufacturer

Leading Custom Cable Manufacturer | Meridian Cable

Meridian Cable has the capabilities to custom design, extrude and manufacture all types of coil cords or coiled cables. This includes coil cords with retracted lengths from 2 inches to 4 feet, in diameters from 1/3 of an inch to 5 inches, and with conductor ranges from 10 to 34 gauge. Because we extrude our…

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Custom Cable Assemblies

Leading Custom Cable Manufacturer | Meridian Cable

Creating quality, high-functioning custom cable assemblies begins with the smallest of details and ends with highly satisfying results. Meridian Cable has been a leader in the custom cable assembly industry for several decades and creates entirely custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses for every industry imaginable. Our years of experience and innovation has led to…

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Overmolded Cable Assemblies

molded cable assembly

What is Overmolded Cable Assemblies? Overmolding is the process of surrounding a component with plastic. At Meridian Cable, we have experience with designing and producing overmolding for many different industries and applications. Our inventory of over 5,000 molds means our customers have a wide variety to choose from. If you have an item that you…

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