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Meridian Cable has been a reliable source of custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses since 1994. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing methods to create custom connection solutions for industries around the world. Our experience, attention to detail, skills, and outstanding team members work together to develop high-quality cable assemblies for our clients. 

Here are some of the top benefits when you turn to an engineer for custom cable assembly for your company. 

Expert Manufacturing

Over our time in the industry, we’ve acquired multiple manufacturing facilities and the latest industrial technology. We’ve invested in top-of-the-line equipment in our facilities to optimize the manufacturing process. We combine automated and semi-automated manufacturing methods to design and build high-quality, reliable cable solutions. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped to produce custom cable assemblies of all shapes and sizes. 

Within our manufacturing process, we adhere to the highest industry standards. We are proud to hold several UL certifications and the ISO 9001:2015 certification. We prioritize excellence and keep ourselves to strict measures when it comes to cable manufacturing. A high-quality product is a source of pride for our company. We put our expertise to work every time we produce a custom cable assembly or wire harness. 

We utilize a wide variety of manufacturing equipment and industry standards to produce some of the best cable assemblies on the market. Our expert manufacturing is at our clients’ disposal with every connection project we deliver. 

Engineered by the Best in the Industry

We love to brag about our engineering and design team. Our team has multiple decades of combined experience and is comprised of some of the top minds in the industry. We’ve hired the best and the brightest to work with our clients as they engineer a viable cable solution. Our team has cable design down to a science, with ample experience and particular skill. 

Meridian’s cable engineers have developed the skills and proficiency in cable manufacturing over multiple decades of hands-on experience and rigorous study. Their expert knowledge is a powerful asset to both Meridian and our clients. 

Meridian’s engineering team utilizes refined design technology to create custom cable assemblies for unique equipment. As industrial technology becomes more complicated, our engineers rise to the occasion and stay on top of advancing tech. We stand at the forefront of innovation to adapt and adjust as our clients need. We can create state-of-the-art cable assemblies for the latest equipment and technology with our skills and actionable knowledge. 

Thorough Design Process

We believe if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.  We take the time necessary to thoroughly engineer and design a cable assembly before it moves to production. We employ advanced design software to render a digital prototype for every custom cable assembly we create. By creating a digital rendering, we are able to eliminate problems and connection issues before they ever happen in the real world. We carefully design and craft the digital rendering of a cable project to ensure its functionality and practical application. 

We work directly with your design team to create the optimal cable solution for your equipment, facility, and transmission needs. We will thoroughly research your equipment and connections during the design process to create a tailor-made solution for you. We pour over every detail and meticulously design every aspect of a wiring project. From the conductor size to the jacket material, we create a configuration that is optimized for peak performance with your equipment. 

Our extensive design process helps set our custom cable assemblies apart from off-the-shelf options. 

Built Just the Way You Want It

One of the benefits of working with Meridian is the complete freedom to customize a cable assembly exactly how you need it. We have thousands of components, elements, conductors, and other pieces to build and design an entirely unique connection solution. While you could find an off-the-shelf cable assembly that may do the bare minimum job, a custom cable assembly is designed specifically to meet your requirements. When we custom-build a cable assembly, we can create a bespoke solution down to the most exacting detail. 

Because we service a multitude of industries, customization and design options are essential to what we do. With custom projects, we have our eyes on every step of the manufacturing process. Our vast array of options and design elements combinations allow us to customize cables and cable assemblies completely. 

Our clients have the option to build their cable assemblies just the way they want them. We provide a plethora of options for every cable component, including:

  • Custom conductor extrusion 
  • Stranding size 
  • Filler and insulation 
  • Shielding materials and design 
  • Jacket and protective materials 
  • Custom connections and terminators 
  • Custom configurations and composition 

The possibilities are nearly endless for the cable assembly so we can create. With a vast range of options and expert design engineers, if you can think of it, we can make it. 

Surprisingly Speedy Production Times 

We value our clients’ time. When we create a custom design project, we put the full force of our manufacturing facilities to work to create high-quality products with a quick turnaround time. With our experience in the industry, we’ve optimized our manufacturing process to be efficient and timely. Once a product is out of the design and prototyping phase, our team is ready to kick production into high gear with full-scale manufacturing. Whether you’re ordering a small batch of cable assemblies or an industrial-sized order, our team works quickly to process and produce your custom cable project. 

The design and prototyping phase may take some time with every custom project. Though we move quickly, we don’t compromise excellence for haste. We review every detail of your design and thoroughly test a prototype to ensure high performance and functionality. Once a project is ready for production, most clients can expect production time to last only a few weeks at most. 

Guided Assistance Throughout the Entire Process

Another benefit of working with our team on a custom cable assembly is we help you every step of the way. During every phase of the process, our team is at your disposal to answer questions, help with the design, or engineer solutions. We are here to provide excellent service and assistance throughout the order process. From when you first contact our team to receiving your order, we are here to help. 

We know how much goes into building a custom cable assembly or wire harness. We don’t leave our clients to swim on their own when they order with us. Our friendly staff is here to guide our clients to create and build a custom cable assembly to their exact requirements. We care for our clients to provide them with an outstanding customer experience and an excellent product. 

Simple Reorders

Once we’ve designed a cable project for your company or industry, we simplify reordering. We keep the digital rendering and specs on file to quickly recreate previous orders. Since our team has already perfected the design, there’s no need to go through the design or prototyping process with reorders. Of course, if you need to tweak something for your new order, we are more than happy to accommodate. 

Once we have your order on file, we will move quickly to reproduce and ship your entire order. We also test every single product that rolls off our assembly line for continuity, integrity, polarity and functionality before shipping. 

Warranty Protection 

We stand behind our products, and our manufacturer’s warranty backs every custom cable assembly. Our products are covered for one year under our Express Limited warranty. We promise our products are free of manufacturing defects and are responsible for repairing or replacing any such claims. We believe in what we do and take pride in our work. When something goes wrong with one of our products, we do all that we can to make it right. 

We treat our customers with dignity and respect if they have an issue with their custom cable assembly. Our friendly team will work quickly to resolve the issue and make it right for our customers. We are here to help you if something goes wrong. Just contact our team if there’s an issue, and we will provide actionable solutions and do our best to assist and support you. 

Work with The Best on Your Custom Cable Assembly

At Meridian Cable, we work with the best people and equipment to provide the best custom cable assemblies for Industries around the world. We’ve experienced the benefits of custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses since 1994. When you’re ready to take the next step in your connection solutions, we are here to make your cable ambitions a reality. We’ll help you design and create a one-of-a-kind solution for your equipment and environment. Contact our team to get started on your project today. 

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