We rely heavily on the reliable and accurate transmission of data and energy. In fact, the elements that provide us with these transmissions are not complex concerning technology, but these transmissions require complicated production techniques to create the most reliable cables to adapt to different industries and applications.

The custom cable manufacturing industry has grown to offer these complex capabilities to the public, and below are seven industries commonly supported by custom cable and wire harness manufacturing.

custom cable manufacturing1.  Industrial Controls

Think of all the machinery involved in an automotive production line. The cable and wire need of this industry are immense. With industrial controls, industrial businesses need power and signal conductors in the same cable.

2.  Medical Industries

Hospitals and healthcare operations have specific requirements for their wiring and cabling needs. Just think about the extreme temperatures and large amounts of moisture that are required for the sterilization of medical instruments – which are also two common elements that disintegrate the integrity of signal conducting wires and electricity. Thus, the medical industry needs wiring and cable that can handle this repeated exposure.

3.  Telecommunications

Whenever we use our smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet we rely on 5G or wireless networks and fiber optic cables or Ethernet.  Custom cables that have been manufactured to transfer our digital information accurately and quickly power each of these networks.

4.  Military
Each branch of the military uses cabling and wiring for a variety of reasons from powering overseas military bases to securing confidential communications to units in the field.

5.  Utility Industry

Public utility companies need custom cables to transmit power to homes and ensure accurate timing for streetlights and other applications.

6.  Aircraft

When it comes to wiring an airplane, it is a very complex process; and it doesn’t matter how big the plane is. The cabling needs to be strung together from one end of the plane to the other. Thus, precise requirements are required for both the installation and maintenance of an airplane.

7.  Automotive

When it comes to an ambulance or police cruiser, the wiring and cabling in the dashboard to accommodate numerous communication technologies is essential.

As you can see, there are many industries that rely on custom cable manufacturing. Although we have only covered seven industries commonly supported by custom manufacturing, there are many others.

Cable assemblies are not all the same, and each industry requires special specifications to serve their purposes. Such as tools to create cable stops, over molded connectors for hermetic sealing and strain reliefs. Whatever their needs, they need a cable assembly company to design and manufacture them.

At Meridian Cable Assemblies, we are specialized in manufacturing custom cable assemblies, coil cords, wire harnesses and supply custom designs. If you are in one of these seven industries commonly supported by custom cable manufacturing check out our services on our website.

We are a custom cable design firm with a team of engineers with years of experience. We have engineers in China and the United States who create over 70% of our assemblies. So if you have an existing preliminary design and could use our knowledge or if you need a cable assembly designed from scratch, we can help.

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