The cable harness is a simple idea that’s changed the way we build almost anything that has cables. By gathering up all the wires, whether they’re transmitting electricity or electrical signals, and putting them into a common place, engineers and designers have made some of the world’s most common, and most extraordinary, pieces of equipment more efficient and much easier to work with. Here are just a few different ways that cable harnesses are used in today’s world, from the auto shop to the stars.

1. Automobiles

Cars are short on space and big on cables. Stretched out, the many wires used in an average car can extend out for miles. It makes organization paramount, especially as cars become smaller, more compact, and are filled with more and more wires. Cables harnesses do a great job of keeping those loose wires all gathered up. This is especially important if they happen to be running by hot parts of the engine, which could lead to major electrical issues.

2. Audio Systems

It isn’t something many people think of when they turn on their car stereo, but audio systems use any number of electrical signals and electricity to play tunes. Those cords need to be properly organized and labelled so anyone working with them can hook them up to the right places. It keeps wires from getting crossed, from the wrong sounds going to the wrong speakers. Cable harnesses for audio equipment are often tiny and can contain multiple types of signals within each harness, which makes them even more convenient for building top of the line audio systems.

3. Airplanes

Taking on turbulence, engine vibration, and frequent safety inspections, cable harnesses are essential for keeping planes in the air. They once again help keep things organized, but they also help wires and cables stay still while the plane is in flight.

4. Rockets

If there was ever an invention that has miles and miles of extremely important and essential cables, it’s a spaceship. Cable harnesses have been an essential piece of any rocket since their inception. Rockets value space above almost anything else, with each and every inch being used for several functions. Considering repairs sometimes need to happen during very precarious circumstances in the vastness of space, organized wires can mean the difference between life and death. Rockets frequently use cable harnesses to keep everything in line. The harnesses are especially effective in zero gravity, where loose wires could become even more tangled and make repairs all but impossible.

The cable harness is one of those inventions that simply makes life easier. They keep wires organized, streamline electronics and machines, and make things infinitely easier to work with. Whether it’s sending an astronaut to the stars or listening to songs, getting the right kind of cable harness is essential. Be sure to check with Meridian Cable ( ) to create the right cable solution to meet the performance requirements.

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