We often think of cable harness assemblies as protective pieces of equipment, which they are, but we usually don’t consider how that protection may also need to be shielded from outside stimulus. The right cable harness assembly will protect wires and other important cables, as well as keep them organized, but you should take steps to keep them out of harm’s way. Here are some simple steps and tactics you can use to keep your cable harness assemblies out of harm’s way, and keep them performing their crucial function uninhibited.cable harness

When it comes to cable protection, there is one tried and tested route that can actually improve their lifespan and effectiveness: enclosures. There are three major kinds, each with their own benefits. Here is some information on each to help you decide which kind of cable harness assembly enclosure you need:

  1. Snap Together Enclosures

The snap together enclosure is your most basic form of enclosure. It’s the perfect balance of strength and accessibility, letting you snap it together and apart again as it needs changing or servicing. If your cable harness assembly will need to be frequently serviced or altered, the snap together enclosure is your best bet. It will provide professionals with quick access and will stay strong when it needs to be working.

  1. Screw Together Enclosures

This is one of the safest enclosure types, especially if the cable assembly is in a space that is accessible to people who shouldn’t touch it. By putting the harness into a screw together enclosure, access is more limited, making the enclosure more secure. But it’s also easily accessible by those who need such access, making it perfect for cable assemblies that need occasional servicing or changes.

  1. Ultrasonic Welding Enclosure

For the ultimate protection, you can turn to ultrasonic welding enclosures. These enclosures are designed to protect cables in any manner of conditions, including tampering. Essentially, the enclosure is sealed around your cable assembly, making it almost entirely inaccessible without breaking the enclosure. It’s designed for any cable assemblies that’s in a volatile environment, such as a place subject to potential water leakage, or where it needs to be enclosed at all times. By making them difficult to tamper with, these enclosures are often a favorite of safety officers, who can easily see if an enclosure is no longer safe to be in operation. Whether it’s for the best safety possible or because the enclosure needs to stand up to the elements, the ultrasonic welding enclosure is the strongest available option.

When it comes to protecting your cable harness assemblies, the best option is enclosures. These come in multiple varieties, each with their own strengths, and picking the right one depends on your needs. Meridian Cable Assemblies is dedicated to providing you with the best, strongest, and highest quality cable harness assemblies on the market. We can also help you figure out the best protection strategy based on your individual needs.

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