While an integral aspect of our lives, electrical systems are extremely complicated systems. There is a reason those who work with electrical appliances and systems must have years of experience and schooling before they are able to get on the tools, and even more schooling to be able to design such systems. Electricity is also dangerous, meaning strict protocols needs to be in place to keep people safe and the systems running their best. One of the most important aspects of this safety is electrical cable assemblies. These simple devices help systems stay organized and safe, yet many people don’t understand what they do. Here are the basics on electric cable assemblies and how Meridian Cable Assemblies can help your company do better and work safer.

What is an Electric Cable Assembly?

An electric cable assembly is a specific type of cable harness assembly, one that houses electrical wires and cables. The assembly is specially designed to hold and organize the many different kinds of electrical wires that run through it, helping electricians and contractors keep track of where electricity is flowing, how much is going through, and if it is safely wired throughout. Without these assemblies, electrical cables and wires could be easily confused, crossed, and made more dangerous.

Why are They Important?

Electrical wiring is an intensely complicated proelectrical cable assembliescedure that takes not only a lot of training, but careful, methodical work. As electricity is both necessary to modern life and extremely dangerous, it’s important to keep wiring organized and protected. With electrical cable assemblies, electricians can keep their wires well-organized, both for themselves and for any future electrical workers who may need to make sense of the electrical system.

Are Some Cable Assemblies Better than Others?

In a word: Yes. As with all products, many electric cable assemblies are made to certain specifications and are designed for particular tasks. This means that certain assemblies are not suited for certain kinds of electrical wiring, and others will suit your needs perfectly. There are multiple factors that go into each kind of electrical cable harness, including:

  • Cable types
  • Conductor sizes and colors
  • Conduction insulation
  • Stranding sizes
  • Jacket materials
  • Wraps and shields

Can You Customize Cable Assemblies?

One of the benefits of Meridian Cable’s products is the vast range of customization options available. Our products are made to order and are able to fit the specific needs of the job at hand. So if you are working with an unusual electrical system, or must adhere to specialized electrical requirements, we can provide you with the electrical cable harnesses you require.

Meridian Cable is dedicated to creating effective, safety-oriented products that help keep electrical systems working their best. Our wide range of electric cable assemblies are fully customizable to help our clients get the assemblies they need for any and all of their electrical work. If you work in the electrical industry, the products from Meridian Cable Assemblies are sure to help you create higher quality, safer products and systems that are sure to satisfy your clients.

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