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An OEM is a broad term that refers to a part, or system of parts, that is a crucial component of a larger system. The acronym OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” and is used frequently across numerous industries. When it comes specifically to an OEM cable, this is a cable that is created to transfer data, power, and/or signal between different systems or electronic instruments. 

Meridian Cable builds OEM cables and wire harnesses to the exact specifications that are necessary depending on the equipment and the environment in which they are used. The customizable OEM cables that are built by Meridian are created to be insulated and shielded to protect them against the outside elements and breakages. 

Building an OEM Cable: Down to the Details 

As one of the leading custom cable manufacturers, Meridian will build a cable entirely to custom specifications. Created with even the most precise details in mind, we manufacture every OEM cable to be perfectly suited to its purpose. The options for designing a custom OEM cable are virtually limitless and open up a plethora of opportunities for applications in nearly any industry. 

When designing a custom OEM cable, Meridian Cable has options for every component within the cable. From the conductor to the jacket material, each OEM cable is made entirely customizable. 

To build a custom OEM cable, we offer the following options to select from:

  • Custom conductor size: Based on what the custom OEM cable is being used for, choosing the proper conductor size will vary. If the equipment requires higher voltage, consistently transfers high volumes of data, or needs a more dominant signal, a larger conductor may be necessary. This is an important step in the process of creating a custom OEM cable or OEM cable assembly. 
  • Custom conductor color: Rarely is a custom OEM cable going to be used as a lone cable and choosing a specific color for the conductor can help distinguish each cable from the other. This allows the cables to stay organized and color-coded to ensure that each is connected to the proper port and equipment.
  • Custom stranding size: Stranding refers to the coil of wires that is set in a spiral formation to transfer power and data more quickly than a single wire. Depending on the industry and application of the custom OEM cable, the stranding size will be widely varied. Stranding in OEM cables allows the cable to be more flexible and less susceptible to bends or breakages. 
  • Custom insulation: The insulation in an OEM cable is a crucial element that helps in containing the electric pulses that are carried through the cable. The insulation will also help create a barrier to protect the conductors from heat and other outside elements. We offer several options for custom insulation to make sure that every OEM cable is designed to the most precise specifications. 
  • Custom filler: Choosing a custom filler for an OEM cable helps to shape the cable and smooth its appearance. The filler is one of the final steps in creating a custom OEM cable and has several options to choose from. We have the option of cotton, Nylon, Kevlar, PVC, and fleece. 
  • Custom shielding and wrapping: As the OEM cable is almost complete, the wrapping and shielding need to be selected. The wrapping and shielding offer an inner layer of protection to keep the other components in a tightly wrapped bundle within the OEM cable. This layer can be made from a number of different materials that add durability, flexibility, and protection to the conductors, stranding, insulation, and filler. 
  • Custom jacket material: As the outermost layer of the OEM cable, the jacket material is an important final step in the custom cable assembly. The jacket can be composed of several different materials depending on the industry and equipment for which the OEM cable is being used. This could be chosen to increase the flexibility, maximize durability, or help protect the cable from moisture. 

Applications for Custom OEM Cables

The industries and applications for a custom OEM cable are virtually boundless. Though a common use for OEM cables and cable assemblies is found in the automotive industry. With OEM cables being built to the exact specifications of the original manufacturer, they can be utilized in nearly any industry. 

With decades of experience and quality engineering, Meridian Cable has acquired the expertise necessary to create custom OEM cables that can be used in a vast array of applications. Designed to be completely customizable, Meridian Cable has created OEM cables for several different industries. 

Industrial Control Systems

Used in manufacturing facilities, OEM cables can be utilized to transmit power, data, or signal to and from the control board to the manufacturing equipment. This type of application is an immensely complex system of operations and data that goes into the functioning of the industrial facility. These OEM cables would need to be reliable, durable, and capable of very precise transmissions. 

The talented engineers of Meridian design custom OEM cables to perfectly suit whatever functions are needed. Building an OEM cable to the smallest detail means that we produce reliable and precise cables for even the most demanding industries. 

Military Applications (MILSPEC)

With some of the strictest requirements and toughest conditions for an OEM cable, the applications in military use dictate precision. Being used in a wide variety of equipment and vehicles, military uses for OEM cables are designed to provide the dependable flow of information, signal, or power that is essential for both combat and training. 


In today’s online world, telecommunications networks are a massive industry that utilizes OEM cables. In nearly every piece of equipment used in telecommunications, there is some form of cable. A custom OEM cable may be used for a network of connections, servers, or links. Whether for an online business or communications network, the engineers at Meridian Cable can assemble an OEM cable for every telecommunications application. 

Medical Applications

OEM cables that are used in the medical field need to be some of the most exact and reliable cables assembled. Because of the important data that they transfer and equipment that they power, medical OEM cables need to be made with precision. Our team of engineers and designers takes pride in the minute details that need to be observed when creating every custom medical OEM cable. 

Automotive and Other Industries

Of course, a common industry that requires OEM cables and OEM cable assemblies is in the world of automotive repair. With several systems that interconnect through a series of cables, automotive OEM cables need to be durable and reliable to ensure the vehicle is functioning properly. Whether it is from the battery to the headlights or from the engine to the battery, the electronic components in a vehicle need to communicate constantly. OEM cables play a huge role in every automobile. 

Though the list could go on and on about the applicable industries in which OEM cables are utilized, these are some of the most frequent that the engineers at Meridian Cable delve into. 

Meet the Geniuses Behind the Custom OEM Cable Design

From concept to function, behind every OEM cable that Meridian builds is an engineering genius. With decades of experience in design, engineering, and cable creation, the team of brilliant designers at Meridian is the best of the best. Each member of the Meridian team undergoes rigorous training and years of education to ensure they assemble OEM cables with excellence and precision. 

With our on-staff engineers, multiple production facilities across the world, and advanced sourcing capabilities, we can offer an incredibly customizable OEM cable design and assembly. The engineering and design team will work directly with clients to create a custom OEM cable that is tailor-made to the most exact detail. 

With over 5,000 customizable options for OEM cables and OEM cable assemblies, the engineering behind each cable we make is extensive and truly remarkable. We are proud to turn complex cabling problems into viable custom cable solutions. The engineering geniuses of Meridian design each OEM cable to be dependable and function correctly. 

Time Tested and Quality Assured 

The engineering team puts our OEM cables through a series of operational tests to ensure quality and functionality. This means that with every OEM cable that we make, we can assure that it will function properly and be ready to integrate immediately. We are proud of the design, engineering, and customization that has gone into each cable and strive to provide nothing short of the best. We make a great effort to maintain our ISO 9001 certification, among many others, which we do through dedication to our clients and the innovation of our work. 

Design Your Own OEM Cable

With numerous ways to design a custom OEM cable that is made just for you, Meridian makes the process simple and convenient. Contact our team to get started on your own custom OEM cable. 

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