One fantastic benefit of coiled cords is that they are extremely stretchable. They can be stretched to different lengths without losing their flexibility, bending or breaking. In contrast, traditional wiring tends to break and eventually become non-functional when it’s stretched due to the crimps that form in the wires over time. Coiled cords, on the other hand, are the Plastic Man of cords, capable of stretching to long lengths without any danger of breaking.

Functional Technology

In an era of increasing “smart” technology – cellular phones, tablets, personal laptops, you name it – most people tend not to think too much about the value of cords. Yet cords are a fact of life; we regularly charge our phones or laptops, or plug in our TVS, our blenders, our coffee-makers, and our hair dryers. Cords are such a feature of our daily lives that we don’t notice them until – you guess it – they break or stop functioning.

Not only do coiled cords have a longer lifespan, but they also increase a person’s mobility, thus making them more versatile. Do you remember the days of (gulp) rotaryphones? Most rotary phones featured coiled cords to make it easier for a person to talk on the phone while moving around in their kitchen or living room. While the rotary phone has long since gone the way of the dodo, these cords have continued to be useful and highly functional aspects of our lives. In fact, these types of cords can be found everywhere, from your workplace to your home, your library to your gym. In addition, mcoiled cordsany health professionals use equipment with coiled cords because these make for more durable and mobile equipment. In fact, if you’ve ever seen the inside of a mobile emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance, you’ll notice the presence of coiled cords precisely because they are more reliable, durable, and functional than a typical wire.

Safety First

One of the main benefits of these cords is that they are retractable. That way, people can extend them to various lengths and, when they’re not actively using them, the coiled cord will pull back to its original length, retaining its shape, and minimizing tripping hazards. This is one of the reasons that these cords are so popular in the medical industry; they allow people to use equipment quickly and efficiently without having to worry about tangling wires or having to take extra time to wrap up the cord. Indeed, these cords are very popular to industries that use expensive and heavy equipment (medicine, engineering, mining, etc.), and they are also frequently used for electronics or digital devices. Because of their versatility, these cords come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and sizes.

If you need versatile, strong, and extendable cords for your work or project, we offer a quality selection of coiled cords in multiple lengths, functionality and materials. Whatever you do, you want to do it right, and in order to do that, you need quality and durable equipment. Contact us at Meridian Cable Assemblies today to discuss how these cords can make your life and work safer and easier.

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