Are you looking for cable assemblies for your business? There are some things that you need to know before you hire a wire and cable assemblies manufacturer. You should find one that will offer you a holistic approach to serving your wiring needs, and Meridian Cable is one company that will do that. We have been designing and manufacturing cable assemblies for many industries, and we offer custom solutions to ensure you are getting what you need.

What to expect

When you’re looking for a cable and wire manufacturer, these are some things you need to remember before getting started. The first thing you should consider is the design of the cables and wires. You should make sure that there is prototyping, and custom cable assemblies. Our company has a team of engineers that design cable assemblies for an array of industries. In addition, prototyping is a large part of all of our assembly design projects, and we are able to get them approved or verified.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is cable production.  You will notice that our cable assemblies follow the requirements and specifications meticulously, and we strive for the highest results. We begin with one copper strand, and we work step by step to make sure we are manufacturing quality products. Therefore, we can custom make wires and cables for industries such as military, medical, industrial controls and telecommunications. In addition, we use various materials such as basic polymers and engineered plastics, PVC and PTFE.

Going the extra mile

We use insert molding and over molding on many of our products, which will improve the function, durability, and overall appearance of the cable assembly. We are able to design over moldings for connectors, strain reliefs, grommets as well as other applications. When you are looking for a wire and cable manufacturer, you should make sure the company has testers, and that they verify everything works properly. For example, we have Cirrus testers, and we can build functional testers for more complicated applications.

We also make sure that all of our assemblies and over molded products are tested for polarity, continuity, and functionality before we ship any of our products. One of the products is coil cords, and we are able to custom design, manufacture and extrude coil cords.  This is in order to give your more options, and we will be able to manufacture any type of cord. This is another thing to keep in mind when you are looking for a cable manufacturer, and you should look for one that offers variety. For example, we extrude conductors that are the size of 34 gauge up to 12 gauge. They are also available in various colors, and that way we can keep track of all the conductors. Moreover, we can mark them with stripes, text, and dashes in order to make the right conductor go to the right spot.

When you’re looking for a cable manufacturer like Meridian Cable Assemblies, you should look for one that offers all the products that you need, has several capabilities, and serves a lot of industries. Please contact us today on our website for more information.

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