Wiring Harness for Every Industry

A wiring harness keeps wires safe and out of the way and can save a lot of money in energy costs, repair bills and overall efficiency. Many industries find that a wiring harness is invaluable, and this is true from military to medical and everything else.  They are useful, yes, but no easy thing to create. Some are simple — only two wires and a connector on each end, but others are much more complicated and require expert knowledge, expertise, and specialized materials to create. Meridian Cable prides itself on being able to produce Wiring Harness for Every Industry regardless of the needs, expectations, or certifications required.

Industrial Control

When you have to control different systems within the same area, you need the wiring harnesswiring harness to do more than one thing. The same cable may have to have both power and signal conductors, and a company with the know-how, like Meridian Cable, has the tools to ensure that the cabling is properly sealed, strain relieved and stopped, whenever and wherever necessary. Industrial control is an area too interdependent to trust to inadequate wiring.


Medical systems are an area where keeping everything going is very important. Medical equipment is highly sensitive and people’s lives depend on the smooth interaction of all the pieces. Cable assemblies in the medical sector are usually made out of Teflon and silicone. This wire cabling needs safety jacks, bio-sensitive connectors or cable breakouts to keep everything ticking along. The harnessing must be durable as well as disposable, and also be able to pass compliance tests.


This industry basically means that there are wires everywhere. It takes a lot of wiring so the rest of us can work wirelessly! This industry also requires a lot of bundling of different types of cables for different needs, so whatever connectors and assemblies your telecommunications needs, ask us what we can do for you.


The military industry has to rely on all of its equipment and cables to work in a variety of climates and conditions, and sometimes those conditions are extreme. We can build cabling, connectors and strain reliefs that will stand up to those conditions.


These are the major industries, that use wiring harnesses and there are many others, including the everyday office environment; but they all have one thing in common – they need their equipment to keep on working and depend on the wiring harnesses and cable assemblies to keep everything operating smoothly. Not every situation requires the same wiring solution; in fact, more often than not, the wiring you need will be completely different from everyone else’s. Here at Meridian Cable, we have a quarter century of experience designing cable assemblies for every possible need, and we have the skills to take you from start-up through to fully operational.

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