If you play your cards right, the cable assembly manufacturer you choose to work with today can be a partner for many years to come.

When you need a custom cable for a new design or an existing piece of equipment, it can be tempting to pick a cable assembly manufacturer and just “get it done.” Even if the company is able to design and produce a suitable cable, you may not be entirely satisfied with the relationship from a logistics or even company culture standpoint.

With facilities in the U.S. and China and more than 30 years of experience under our belt, Meridian Cable has gained some insight into a few areas companies should pay attention to when evaluating a custom cable assembly manufacturer.

Open Communication Results in Successful Projects

Whether you are communicating with a custom cable manufacturer in person, by phone, or through email, it is vital that everyone is on the same page. The success of a custom cable solution depends on the engineer understanding how your cable should function as well as any environmental concerns that will affect its performance. It will be up to you to make sure you communicate all the necessary specifications, but how can you be sure they really understand what you’re telling them?wire consultation

When talking to a prospective cable assembly manufacturer, pay attention to how they are interacting with you. Are they asking questions and taking the time to answer any questions you have? Do they seem open to hearing about your ideas and past experience you’ve had with commissioning custom cables? Are they providing options, and the pros, cons and costs of all options?  Partnering with an engaged and collaborative engineering team that is willing to keep communication lines open helps projects run more smoothly and allows you to address any issues as they come up. At Meridian Cable, we are committed to working with you every step of the way to ensure the cable we produce is right for your application.

The Right Amount of Experience & Knowledge

In some ways, gaining knowledge of your product is the easy part. The cable assembly manufacturer you choose to work with gets it from in-depth discussions with you and your team. A little harder to pick up on the fly is the knowledge that comes from decades of hands-on experience in designing and extruding custom cables for a variety of industries.

A custom cable manufacturer should be comfortable talking to you about the types of projects they have completed. Challenges can come up during any project, and a good cable manufacturer should be able to discuss what those challenges were and how they were able to overcome them. A cable manufacturer should be able to give you references so you can talk to clients they’ve worked with in the past. Not only does this demonstrate their expertise, but it also gives you a chance to get a sense of how it will be to work with them from the perspective of a current client.


Of course, the final consideration is always that the cable assembly manufacturer you work with has a consistent track record for producing high quality cable at a reasonable price point. At Meridian Cable, we focus on using processes that provide our clients with top quality cable solutions. Contact us to find out how we can help you design and produce a custom cable that is right for your equipment.

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