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 25 Years of experience manufacturing RF Cables and Industrial Cable Assemblies, for standard and custom applications.

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RF Cable

You Need It. We Design It.

Specializing in RF Cable and Industrial Cable Assembly Manufacturing, Meridian has been designing and producing products to stock and made-to-order for medical, computer, LAN, RF, automotive, monitoring and communications equipment for over 25 years. As a quality manufacturer of standard and custom industrial cable assemblies we can design and build custom RF cables to meet your requirements, whether standard or custom.

If you need a cable assembly or RF cable solution that's not stocked or even invented yet, don't worry. Our design team will help make it a reality!

We Make it. You Approve it.

The first step to building an awesome product is an awesome prototype. Our domestic facility allows us to transform your idea into an inspiring RF Cable or Industrial Cable Assembly prototype in days, giving you the ability to understand the user experience and see your product in action in no time. When you validate your idea early, we can test the prototype on the real device and share for feedback. Then we can properly test before we build. Test the flow, interactions, and execution of your project.

RF Cable
RF Cable

We Build It. You Use it.

After we manufacture your components from raw materials, quality-test the production run, and finally pack and ship your order straight to your door, days before your deadline, will you truly understand the desire for perfection. We know a reliable RF Cable that exceeds industry standards. Whether you work in the automotive, military, or telecommunications field, we guarantee that the quality products we produce will satisfy.  

You Save. We All Win.

You know you'll save more on your project with Meridian, but did you know you can count on us for future consultations, brainstorming sessions, or even as a sounding board to explore possibilities with. 

If you are looking for outstanding service, superior products, and competitive prices, are the right choice for you! We will go the extra mile to help you save money, with customized solutions, bulk manufacturing, or one-off executions.

RF Cable