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All of our experience and capabilities translate into better processes during product startup, qualification samples, prototyping, pre-production testing, and true volume manufacturing—all of which serve to simply produce higher quality custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies.

Cable Design & Engineering Services


From the very first data call with clients we are working to provide the perfect solution. We’ll discuss quantity, type, application, and other project parameters that allow our team to engineer a solution that works. With cutting-edge design and modeling software, we can see how all the components come together virtually before we extrude the first wire. Designing more than 70% of the products we produce, our true talent lies in customized cable design and engineering.

Pre-Production Testing


Testing stands as the lifeblood of just about everything we do here at Meridian. Every single one of our products will have been 100% tested and retested for continuity, integrity, polarity and functionality before ever shipping to our customers. Inside our Advanced Life Testing Lab we’re able to put cable assemblies through the toughest conditions and tests imaginable to make sure they’re up to the tasks they’re being asked to accomplish.

Qualification Sampling


Our entire qualifications program is built around process validation. This means that every step in the process has been validated for providing accurate information to document consistent results. Using operational qualification, we’ll see that the small-lot sampling meets the established parameters within a set of limits and tolerances. Further, qualification sampling helps ensure the final product is both high quality and safe.



Having our ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949 certifications and being an UL-approved manufacturer means that our people, processes, and product have all been recognized for consistently meeting extremely high thresholds for quality. Our UL certification also helps us certify individual products and place the coveted UL certification onto a product. The UL Mark stands as the single most widely accepted certification mark in the U.S.



Prototyping sees how multiple versions of the same product come together by tweaking various components. Prototyping allows for maximum efficiency of process and a real-world test of all facets of design and production, including global logistics. We’ll look at sourcing models, just-in-time ordering, and how various components react when tested under harsh conditions. The version that most efficiently meets the parameters set for the project can move forward with small batch or volume manufacturing. Spending a little extra time during a prototyping phase can pay huge dividends down the road in product quality, longevity, and availability based on global supply. 

Volume Manufacturing


Having a vast array of fully-automated, semi-automated, and even hand tools within our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities really comes in handy when we enter the volume manufacturing phase. Our team works with some of the most advanced equipment available to cable assembly manufacturers today and continually combs our process for opportunities to do it even better. With operational efficiency methods like KanBan and Lean Six Sigma principles, we seek to make our process that much better with each and every manufacturing run we undertake.

Custom Cable Assemblies

We design & manufacture cable assemblies, coil cords, molded components, and harnesses for small batch & full production. Contact for quote, we design cable assemblies and coil cords  in our own factories for delivery to OEMs worldwide in a multitude of industries. As one of the leading wire and cable engineers, we work with your design staff to create a custom cable solution that meets your performance requirements, fits your budget and makes your deadline. Whether you need a standard cable assembly, a wholly custom design or prototypes for a new project our team is ready to assist you every step of the way.


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Who We Are.

Meridian's Legacy of Precision in High Volume Manufacturing

Meridian has been engineering the perfect solutions to our clients toughest cabling problems since 1994. As a custom cable assembly and wire harness assemblies we have the tools, talent, and expertise to provide the perfect assembly to fit the application.

Meridian operates two manufacturing facilities - one in St. Augustine, Florida and the other in Tanggu, China in order to provide a truly global supply and logistics platform our clients know they can rely on. We design and manufacture cable assemblies and wire harnesses for a wide variety of industries including military and defense, automotive, telecommunications, medical, industrial controls, and many others.

We Design, Manufacture and Deliver Custom Cable Assemblies

At Meridian, our entire philosophy revolves around quality. We’ve even achieved industry-leading certifications for quality in our people, processes, and product. On-time and on-budget solutions are delivered when your entire team is working together to get that much better with each and every production run. After decades with this mentality guiding our efforts, Meridian’s custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses have come to be known for providing the perfect solution for any application.

Molded Components

Surrounding a component with plastic, overmolding is an excellent choice to help beef up a given component. Enclosure strain relief, connector strain relief, cable breakouts, seals and glands, cable stops—all of these applications can utilize overmolding. With tons of choices for everything from conductor size to insulation type, we can design every layer to perfection.

Coil Cords

The humble curly cord is actually an engineering marvel that can retract and straighten thousands of times without failing. Providing flexibility in integration under even the most demanding conditions, the curly cord continues to help keep messy cords at bay. Our team can design, extrude, and manufacture all types of coil cords and coiled cables from conductors ranging from 10 to 34 gauge.

Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom cable assemblies are groups of wire or cables that have a stout level of protection built in. Utilizing a wide range of materials like thermoplastic, we’re able to provide both organization and protection against environmental factors which might affect the transmission of data, power, or signal throughout the system. We engineer mission-critical custom cable assemblies that we have tested and validated will 100% satisfy our client’s unique demands, cycle after cycle.

Custom Wire Harness

Custom wire harnesses provide the structure to efficiently bundle cables or wires into an organized system. At its core, a wire harness is a simple exterior sheath that covers wires or cables within the system. Wire harnesses present an incredible economical electrical solution for organization.

SMA Cable Assemblies

Sub-Miniature type A (SMA) connectors are excellent choices for high-frequency applications such that you might find in advanced medical equipment. Our screw type couplers provide a minimalist connection mechanism for coax cables, making them a cinch to customize and integrate.

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See What Decades of Custom Cable Assembly Experience Looks Like

From overmolding and cable extrusion to testing and certification, Meridian’s depth of experience in custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses is pretty tough to beat. Our commitment to quality is borderline finatical because it really is that important with the industries we work in. Life saving medical equipment, control panels in manufacturing facilities, even communications satellites all rely on our products to work as designed, every time, no exceptions.

After doing this since the early 90’s, our team has honed our process and adapted our skillset to meet the ever-changing needs of custom cable assemblies today. Maintaining our ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949, UL-approved status, and other industry leading certifications is one more small bit of proof that we are continuing to do things the right way; which is of course simply the Meridian way.

Keep Up With Changes in Custom Cable Assemblies

We started our Livewire News page long before having a blog or news section on your website was even popular. We did it to be able to share our knowledge and expertise in custom cable and wire harnessing directly with our customers and end users. Our Livewire News archive is massive, with curated content, e-guides, news stories, case studies, and more all from the wide world of custom cable manufacturing.

If you’re ready to dig deeper, you can check out a few of our top guides like our Ultimate Guide to Wire Harness Assemblies & the Meridian Overmold Cable Assembly Guide.

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Peace of Mind with Meridian’s Commercial Warranty Program

Meridian wants our customers to have absolute peace of mind when they choose to partner with us. We have built a reputation for on-time, on-budget solutions that work but we go a step further with a stout commercial warranty program. Your Meridian product is warranted against defects in either material or workmanship for a full year from the date of invoice. While it is indeed rare for a product to fail prematurely, we stand behind our products 100% and will work to quickly address any concerns. Check out the link above to read more into this program. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team and we’ll walk you through the whole program.

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When quality matters, turn to the experts in custom cable design, engineering, and manufacturing. Our team is standing by to help solve even the toughest problems your project may face with tailored solutions and proven results. Get a quote and start your project’s design process with a team of experienced professionals today.

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