Finding Custom Wire Harnesses & Wire Harness Assemblies for Medical Devices

Creating a custom medical wire harness assembly requires a particular level of precision in order to meet the standards of highly sensitive medical equipment. With each medical wire harness assembly that Meridian Cable creates, we pour our years of experience and engineering into creating reliable, durable and flexible cable and wire assemblies. When finding the…

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Everything You Need to Know About the SMA Connector

The SMA connector is an incredible workhorse, offering a wide variety of applications from which it can provide the perfect solution. Because of its versatility, the SMA connector is used in every industry from telecommunications to medical. In today’s spotlight series, we’ll hone in on the venerable SMA RF connector, which provides a critical function…

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4 Uses for Custom Cable Assemblies in Healthcare

Off-the-shelf cable wiring is acceptable for many applications like power tools or home wiring. However, when dealing with sensitive equipment and peoples’ lives, it’s worth paying a little more attention to how you invest in custom cable assemblies. Durability Medical devices are subject to intense strain on a daily basis, from heavy-use by devices such as…

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What You Need to Know About Electric Cable Assemblies

Markings on Custom Cables

Electric cable assemblies are found on medical products, military equipment, industrial controls and machinery, and all kinds of consumer electronics. Electric cables can be defined as cables that transmit control signals or information, or that supply low current power typically below 5 amps. Often the power is DC by sometimes it can be AC, but in…

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3 Reasons Why Coil Cords are Important in a Wireless World


Coil cords are everywhere, from the back of a semi truck, to a camera’s flash strobe to the arcade games where you manipulate a claw to pick up a toy. Coil cords are used in a wide variety of industries too. Coiled cables are used by the medical industry, security industry and industrial control industry…

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Coil Cords – Physical Shape and Performance

Recently Meridian Cable was approached by a medical device company to solve a “spring” problem.  The medical company’s device weighs about 1 pound and will be connected to a patient via a coiled cord.  The medical company wanted the device to stay put when the cable was extended 5 inches, however they didn’t want the…

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